Top 5 reasons you need to order your flies online

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If you’re anything like me you love the idea of fly tying and creating your own flies and spending many long winter days and nights at the vise.

 But the truth is this every year I set out to tie up some fly’s but all too often the constraints of life and time quickly takes over and before you know it just like that it’s a new fishing season and I still have no new fly’s or pattern ideas completed.  

Every day I cruise on Instagram is seeing the amazing work of many of the tiers and their creations, from the local scene and beyond.  I decided to test the theory of should we buy our flies on line and support our fellow tiers?

Midnight Sun Flys

I decided to do two separate orders for files one local and one for an upcoming trip to Alaska that I have booked at All Alaska Outdoors.  I reached out locally to a guy who’s Instagram account that I follow and I am I big fan of his work. Fly Culture and the owner is Sean Chahley, located right here in Kelowna, BC my town and local lakes. Here are both my stories and experiences of Ordering Flies on line.

The local Scene:

Seans Company

I jumped on to Sean’s website and I immediately found it both easy to use and navigate also very fun and interactive. The site had clean pictures of the Flies a brief description and an easy to add to cart option.  There were even bundles or packs that were created to make the decision of choosing even easier for the user.  One of the coolest little details I noticed was how the files on the site were timed with the season you would fish them therefore you would reduce you looking time on the site.  And if that’s not enough well I even found on Fly Cultures site something called the chironie creator which allows you to choose your patters from a simple list of materials for the fly. Ok this was a game changer all around I made combo after combo and then finely submitted my order.

Custom Chronies From Fly Culture

I waited patiently kind of two days later I had a trip that just popped up and I was in need of some of my flies, I reached out over Instagram told Sean of the jam I was in and asked if there was anything he could do.  I can’t promise but I can try to get the order to you.  Sure enough he did I had to pick it up at his office but it worked out.

Now came the best part, every fly was packaged in their own sealed bag and order is all present, even with a few extras for free.  The quality I found to be by far the most superior products in these flies from the hooks to the threads and beads, fine wire and more all was top of the line.

So how did they hold up agent’s fish, well after a killer epic day of chroronimid fishing in which I was consistently looking at the flies throughout the day and not one thread came off or had a tag end nothing was wrong or showed signs of needing a change out. Theses Flies were fish strong and now tested.   I was and am now convinced that Sean’s Flies from Fly Culture are the only way for me and am my number one go to for the local scene.

The long Distance Scene:

As I mentioned earlier that I was planning on my Alaska trip and I needed to not mess around I was going there needed to catch fish pack light and travel fast. But however I am the type of guy who will reach out to other anglers and ask them “hey man I got trip out your way what’s some of the top flies the fish are hitting” Now I do use a trusted source for this and suggest you do the same some people are funny.  Keep in mind that if an angler was to reach out to me I would point them where they need to go. 

Jon’s Custom Flies

So I got I touch with Jonathan Farmer the owner of Midnight Custom flies in Alaska.  He and I have been talking and he asked me what I needed and how many you know the usual questions. So let’s keep it simple I told him what different species I was going for and the season I was going to there as well as the waters I was going to be fishing. Lucky me that Jonathan is a local to theses rivers and water areas, so he knew right away what I needed (score).

Ok, what’s next well has been given a budget for my order after telling me of the types of materials and hooks even tying products he uses for ALL his flies.  So I am in go wild make me an Alaska fly box set up for Silvers, Trout and Char.

 Now what well here is my take on this we have been talking about my custom Alaska fly box back and forth, I have been seeing pictures of the files for the box and so far I am very impressed. Oh did mention Jonathan is an OPST fly tier and designer who’s consulting me on the perfect Box set up for this trip. Well, how could I ever go back to trying to order from somewhere else like a big box or overseas and I hate to say my local shop?


I am not going to straight up tell you to order your flies online but I will tell you this, the flies I got off line had better hooks,  Better materials and are more durability than what I had been getting in the shops.  They might cost about .25 cents more but I use less of them. Compared to 99.9% of the shop flies that I have used, ordering on line is the only way for me to go.  I like to support the tiers who risk it all set up a  website put them self’s out there in a cut throat market of fly tying that’s extremely flooded and niche but still they do it because they love to not because they have to. So what are the five reasons why you need to order Fly’s online again?

Quality, Amazing Customer Service, Product Durability, Local knowledge & Supporting our Industry.  That’s why I support.

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