Fly fishing insider podcast

Fishe Wear

In this episode we talk with linda the owner of fishe wear the alaska brand women’s fly fishing clothing company, find out why she disrupted the fishing industry.

Hilary Hutcheson

In this episode we speak with hilary hutchinson the gude, shop owner and more. we learn whats next for hillary who is setting the industry on fire.

EP 67 Tandem Fly Company, (Small business feature of the month).

In this episode we speak with the guys from tandem fly co. a great new business that makes in demand fly boxes in the USA. This is our small biz feature.

Jeff Currier

In this episode we speak with Jeff currier, the global fly fisher who has many stories and has caught many world records of different species of fish.

Blane Chocklett

In this episode we speak with blane chocklett and talk about fly fishing for musky and the famous gamechanger fly that took years to create just right.

Brian Silvey

In this episode we speak with guide and two handed caster brian silvey on steelhead, salmon and trout fishing in the PNW.

EP#46 & 47: Host Greg Keenan talks about year 1 in review what’s next for the podcast in 2020

Episode Description:

In this episode the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast, Greg speaks with the listeners of the podcast.

Greg talks to the loyal past present and future listeners of the podcast. About the show, and the developments that the show has encountered over the course of the year. Such as the changes to the Guides day Fridays, the social media support and the trips that the show is involved with as well as most importantly the support the show has from the listeners.

Greg also lets us know in the second part of the show about the new “guided” podcast series available on the fly-fishing insider podcast platform. Guided is a show sponsored in part with Scientific Anglers, well about the best guides and brand ambassadors out there with in our industry. So, Greg is super pumped to make sure that you all get a chance to listen to the show and know that its coming.
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