brackish flies inteview

EP 50 Geoff Klane, All in on this fly-fishing thing.

Greg talks to Geoff about how he started his journey into Fly fishing with his LL Bean rod and Reel combo. In which, Geoff tells us like most anglers starting out the black woolly bugger was his go to fly before he started to conquer the fly-fishing game. Greg asks Geoff what the earlier day challenges were in which Geoff describes just figuring it out. Fast forward to today and Geoff is all in on this fly-fishing thing as he states its freedom in fly fishing.
When Greg asks Geoff what’s it like to represent as guide the many great rivers and waterways in his home state Geoff informs us how amazing this fishery is and what anglers can expect while upon his guiding services. Geoff and Greg get into carp fishing on the fly and how the sport of catching carp on the fly is on the rise in the USA. Geoff and Greg talk many things carp and Greg learns a thing or two about this fishery. To sum up the conversation Geoff puts it “you like seeing your backing don’t you”

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