Before contacting us for Sponsorship opportunities or Review Submissions, please read the information below. 

Sponsorship Policies:

  • Be advised the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast has limited our sponsorship placements to only 12 brands or services per year, and only one brand or services is allowed per year.
  • Each Sponsorship package is for the entire month; your brand or service is the feature and no other brand or service can be booked for that month.
  • The Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast offers only Three Sponsorship package tiers. Sponsorship packages start from 500.00. capping out at 2000.00 USD. (To see all that included and package details, please submit the form and request a sponsorship package).
  • *Note only Fly-Fishing Products, Brands and Services will be reviewed for possible Sponsorship. Due to the nature of the show’s audience and values. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Review Submissions Policies:

  • Only Fly-Fishing Products will be Reviewed. *NO EXCEPTIONS
  • All Products sent to the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast and TV to be reviewed are at a total cost to the sender. *The Fly-Fishing Insider Will Refuse all products that accrue a cost associated with the product for review, such as DUTYS, TAX or SHIPPING CHARGES.
  • Once a product is sent for review your product is NOT guaranteed to be sent back. It is our Policy to keep, put for charity auction, or giveaway the product which becomes the sole property of the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast & TV brand. Products for return must be approved in writing prior to shipping. With all costs for return to be occurred by the sender.
  • Unfortunately, not all products are guaranteed to be reviewed, its our policy that the if the Team and testers at Fly Fishing Insider Podcast and TV will not use the product, we will not review it. At this time and encourage you to re apply later.
  • Product Submission dates are as follows please have your product in during this time period, July 1 to Oct 30 and Feb 1 to May 30. * products submitted outside of theses dates are not guaranteed to review unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
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