Sight Line Provisions going Four years strong.

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Its not that very often a newer brand with in the fly-fishing industry accomplishes as Sight Line Provisions has done especially in under four years. Let’s back up a bit, SLP was created from the Art works of Edgar Diaz in which he started the brand. SLP quickly became an industry favorite amongst the fly fishing guides, icons and super cool fishy people.

For those who may not know SLP is best known for those really cool fun, functional metal plates attached to high quality leather bracelets. The Metal plates usually contain a fish or a fly and have a laser out to them.  They have many different species of fish on the plates in which the consumer can choose from.

Photo SLP

But Truthfully SLPs roots and business runs deeper than the bracelets and art works, there is a side to the brand in which is well, makes them so loved and well respected amongst anglers globally.  It should be known that SLP is involved with so many charity’s, fishing events, conversation groups of awareness and sponsorships in many areas throughout the globe. When I tried to count how many total involved projects, they are for I lost count.

Photo SLP

They are consistently doing collaborations with other fly-fishing big brand icons, cranking out new design’s pieces and ideas for the consumer and lets lot forget their dedication to keeping the business on track and fresh.

Photo SLP

I have had the pleasure of speaking with Edgar on the podcast and hearing his passion for the brand and how he loves what he’s truly doing.  Diaz states “its such a great feeling when people reach out to Edgar and thank SLP for the great work they are doing so we can have a better world to fish in” now that is truly amazing.

Now to think that SLP has accomplished all of this in under four years is an accomplishment in itself. As a solid SLP fan and loyal supporter of the brand I can’t wait to see what the next four years for SLP will be like.

Happy Fourth birthday Sight Line Provisions

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