Sage “Payload Fly Rod” Review

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Photo Sage Fly Rods

By Fly Fishing Insider

Sage once again released some new rods for the 2019/2020 season. The Sage trout LL, Trout Spey rod and the Sage Payload. We at the Fly Fishing Insider took a look at the new Sage Payload. Sage claims this rod is designed for the dirty work.  By dirty work we mean chucking big flies you know the kind those big articulated fly’s, streamers or even bigger heavy salmon flies yes, the big daddies of the fly world.

When we took the payload out for testing let’s just say we were not holding back on this rod.  We decided to take the rod to chase after some BC biggest Coho’s in the lower mainland rivers. Well we had no luck getting into Coho’s on the rod testing days we had set aside during that week. In fact, all we caught was big springers (chinook).  During this test period. So, we decided that this is a better fish to test the rod on anyway. Why not after all these are big fish and will really put push this road to the max.

Photo Sage Fly Rods

On the first glance of the payload upon taking it out of the nylon sectioned rod tube we noticed, the road was slightly shorter coming in at 8’9, in a tannin or (brown reddish) colour .We quickly noticed the amazing matte finishes on the aluminum reel seat and locking rings.  The rod also boasts a durable cork fighting butt and super smooth cork handle.

Casting of the rod took a bit to get used to before finding that sweet spot. When the rod loads a ton of power is delivered and its more like a 10wt rod. This rod felt heavy to cast, but also deliverd the cast   giving users great distance with ease, into the wind or not. The same technology is used in the Payload as many other sage rod models, using the classic Konnetic technology something that I personally enjoy in my rods from Sage.

The performance and strength of the rod after catching and hooking into theses big fish the was spot on. The rod did what it was meant to do deliver big files and handle big fish on fast runs, huge head shakes and up current challenges. If I said that this rod was over built for the price and deliverance would be an understatement.  It performs so well and coming in with a price tag at $550.00 it’s a no brainer that many guides and big fly chucker’s like us will be adding the new Sage Payload to there line up of rod for 2020.

The rod also features fast casting action and a powerful tip, oversized hard chromed snake guides and top tip. Black ballistic nylon caring tube, Fuji ceramic stripping guides and chrome snake guides.

We Tested the 8wt 8’9 payload with a Sage spectrum Reel and Rio Intouch Big Nasty line. Behind the scenes moment, A net was forgotten and unfortunately we didn’t land any fish. However we caught lots.

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