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With the success of the FLY FISHING INSIDER PODCAST, it is no surprise that our listeners wanted more. So we’re bringing you the best product and gear reviews, also our speaking with reps series, blog and vlog features, fly tying videos, conservation highlights and host destination trip footage. Remember to listen, subscribe, support. Welcome to the Fly Fishing Insider TV Channel. Check out our channel today!

About | Greg Keenan

Founder and Avid Fly-Fishing Enthusiast

I created The Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast because I have always wanted to be in the Fly-Fishing Industry, but I didn’t know in what capacity. In my early days, I would make fly’s and sell them (mostly just breaking even). I remember trying my hand at being a Fly-Fishing sales rep and going from shop to shop, never really getting anywhere.

That’s when it became clear that I was more fascinated with the icons within the industry. In other words, I was more focused on what other brands and people were doing to revolutionize this crazy sport I love so much. Ultimately,  I knew I was not alone in this thinking. As a result,  I researched various company’s and fly-fishing influencers and began to explore their stores and it all made sense.

Most importantly, I wanted to build a platform for these amazing stories to be shared. I want to influence and inspire others to follow their dreams. Most importantly, I wanted them to be simply as amazed as I still am.

Therefore, I created The Fly Fishing Insider Podcast and Guided Podcast, knowing theses would both Proudly serve as that platform.

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