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By fly Fishing Insider

Lid Rig Product Review

Prior to receiving my Lid Rig nipper system in the mail from Lid Rig owner Scott Wilday, I didn’t know what to expect at first, I mean it’s a nipper big deal right? That was until they arrived and I had the lidrig in my hot little hands.

Photo Lidrig

Upon first glance I was immediately drawn to the design of the unit. (Truthfully it was so simple and a why didn’t I think of that kind of thing). However the lidrig had its inscription on the unit and was a solid silver colour with what appeared to be a smooth finish.

I took the well weighted nipper and played with its many features such as the sharping stone and the clipper portion.  I wanted to test the strength of theses on some thick mono line I have before trying them on the water. And wouldn’t you know it cut through the line like a hot knife through butter.

I feel the blades on theses nippers plays such an important role as they are the only blades you will ever need according to Scott. These blades can cut through various dimeters of line over and over again all clean easy and successful just like how line nippers are meant to be.

Last test I did was a quick field test and I left my other nippers at home to ensure that o would always reach for the lid rig. The lidrig sat snugly on my hat brim and was not noticeable either in weight or distraction.

With many fly changes that day the lidrig did well, my only personal challenge with the lid rig was getting used to reaching on my hat for the unit as it’s a new habit I am sure.

So where does this leave us, well lidrig is extremely well priced and just as compatible or better compared to other big name brand nippers. I was extremely impressed and more than willing to endorse the lidrig product on our platform.

PC Lidrig

The Fly Fishing Insider podcast even reached back out to Scott and asked him to be guest on our podcast. In which he complied and we created Episode #48 on the show.

Final words on this unit is well enjoy your lid rig now as we have a strong feeling that this is one brand that will be picked up by the big guys very soon and you bet that that under $50 dollar price tag will go up as well.

PC Lidrig

To order or read more about lidrig check out or hear Scott Wilday on the podcast episode #48 talk about lidrig and how they created this product.

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