Jeff Currier

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In this episode the Guided Podcast, Greg speaks with Jeff Currier a fly-fishing legend and travel host. Based in the USA. Greg and jeff talk about the many Adventures, travels and locations that Jeff has visited throughout the world.

 Greg talks to jeff about his most vivid memory of fly fishing in the jungle and how jeff had an eerie feeling only to find out that full grown tiger was staking him on one of his trips. We discuss the passion jeff has for fishing in the worlds most exotic places but Jeff admits that the jungle fishery for Peacock Bass and chasing GTs is still his most favorite.

Greg and Jeff talk about how jeff is been working with Yellow Dog and other SA for some time now. Jeff runs threw his tips for his own leader to line set up GTS and peacock bass, you will want to know this.

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  1. To catch the fish Jeff does he suggests hiring a good guided or going with a travel company. They do this all the time.

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  1. Scientific Anglers Fly Lines
  2. Scientific Angles Absolute tippet
  3. Yellow Dog

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