Guided EP #6 Landon Mayer, “Crushing it every time”

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Episode Description

In this episode the Guided Podcast, Greg speaks with Landon Mayer, Landon is a Guide, Author, fly tier and educator of all things fly fishing. Landon is based out of Colorado, USA.

 Greg talks to Landon about his guiding operation that covers much of the south park region in CO and includes many known headwaters and lakes as well. Landon talks about the importance of the spawning beds for the native browns in this area which can reach up to 30in he boasts. But he mentions son conservational issues that surround this area and what we can do about it NOW to protect theses fish.

Greg asks Landon about the Stillwater’s that he guides from the two of them talk about the importance of fishing the shallows and timing the hatches that emerge with in the shallows, Landon also tells us a tip of using the new clear camo tip from SA as this is his secret weapon to targeting theses fish.

Later when Greg and other great Stillwater tips are shared like the use of the loop knot and the 3 most important areas to target fish and find waiting fish. Landon also shares his gear and select fly lines for targeting theses fish.

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Guided tips mentioned

In this episode of Guided the guest had mentioned a tip or to help you get started or up your game in this industry. Here are todays episode tips from our Guided Podcast Guest.

  1. Look for Structure, drop offs, intersecting points when targeting trout.
  2. Learn the loop knot to increase your catch rate.
  3. Extend your fly lines with SA fly line cleaner every time you use this you get a new line due to the coating.

Other mentions in this Podcast

This area contains links to company’s, products, people, organizations and other noteworthy mentions that were talked about during this episode interview on the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast. Theses mentions are from both the guest or host of the show. Please enjoy the referenced links.

  1. Scientific Anglers Fly Lines clear camo tip
  2. Scientific Anglers Sonar Fly lines
  3. Winston fly rods
  4. Bauer fly reels

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