Guided EP # 5 Jeff Liskay, “I live to fish”

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Episode Description

In this episode the Guided Podcast, Greg speaks with Jeff Liskay, Jeff is the owner of Great lakes fly fishing, Jeff is based out of the south shore of Lake Erie.

 Greg talks to Jeff about his guiding operations as a multi species fly fisher and how he creates a year-round season based on theses different fish. Jeff tells us about his impressive guiding area from Lake Erie to the south Detroit river. However, jeff talks about his favorite area called the bass islands in which his guiding operation offers trips to making it truly epic fishery.

Greg asks Jeff about conservation concerns regarding his home waters and the areas he fishing from, to which we learn about the Lake Erie algae bloom affecting not just anglers but the fish as well. Jeff talks about this bloom and how we can try to minimize it going forward.

Later when Greg and Jeff talk about steel heading a the most effects ways jeff fishes for theses fish as well as catching small mouth bass on the fly rod. Jeff runs over many of his guide tips that has helped him throughout his 30 years of fly fishing and guiding. So if your looking to up your game and catch rate in both multi species and steel heading then this episode is directed at you.

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Guided Tips Mentioned:

In this episode of Guided the guest had mentioned a tip or to help you get started or up your game in this industry. Here are todays episode tips from our Guided Podcast Guest.

  1. TC tips from SA, single hand rods use 8ft tips
  2. TC tips from SA, Switch rod up to 12 ft use 10ft tips.
  3. TC tips from SA, any rod over 12ft use 10ft tips
  4. Use the new SA musky line to fish fast for small moth in the warmer weather days.

Other mentions in this Podcast

This area contains links to company’s, products, people, organizations and other note worthy mentions that were talked about during this episode interview on the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast. Theses mentions are from both the guest or host of the show. Please enjoy the referenced links.

  1. Scientific Anglers Fly Lines Musky lines
  2. Scientific Angles Sonar Fly lines
  3. Scientific Anglers absolute leaders

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