Guided EP # 4 Bruce Richards, fly lines 101 the man that changed the way the world fishes.

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Episode Description:

In this episode the Guided Podcast, Greg speaks with Bruce Richards the Fly line designer for SA fly lines, before retiring in 2009.

 Greg talks to Bruce about how he started his journey into Fly fishing and then how he got involved into making and producing the worlds best fly lines. Bruce shares with us some great fast fly line technologies, and advancement that he personally developed or took part in. Bruce also talks about how the species-specific lines once introduced changed the way we fish fore ever.  

Greg asks Bruce about the most recent technology in fly lines from the textures and how it improves your cast and gives longer life to your line. Bruce also talks about the coatings on the fly lines that he developed. .

When Greg and Bruce talk about how one can improve their cast and prevent tailing loops mishaps and such Bruce who is casting instructor gives us some great tips to help anglers out.

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Guided Tips Mentioned

In this episode of Guided the guest had mentioned a tip or to help you get started or up your game in this industry. Here is todays episode tips from our Guided Podcast Guest.

  1. Learn how to hold your rod still while waiting on the line behind to straighten out to prevent knots and mishaps
  2. Learn to cast and apply power smoothly for better results.

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  1. Scientific Anglers Fly Lines
  2. Scientific Angles Josh Jenkins
  3. Scientific Anglers

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