GDF 15 Landon Mayer, Trout guide Icon and SA ambassador.

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In this GDF we speak with Landon Mayer of landon mayer fly fishing and Scientific Anglers Ambassador. 

Landon is a well know full time trout guide, brand ambassador (learn the difference here) to many brands including Scientific Anglers, author, photographer and super cool fly fishing guy with a ton of fishing knowledge and skills.

we learn of landon passion for fly fishing and teaching anglers. Anlong with his newest project a video called (mastering the short game) and his recent book collab with other fly fishing ICONs called (The hunt for Giant trout 25 top locations in the USA to catch a trophy).  

Landon tells listnerns about why SA lines are all he uses in the boat and how the guests/ clients react to using them as well.Landon talks about the BRand SA and why its such a great brand with the world’s best fly lines. 

He talks about the new Ampluirte series of lines and what the best set up is for those just getting started into fly fishing for all water. 

learn more of Landon Mayer and his passion for fishing, guiding and Scientific anglers. 

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Advertising Opportunity

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