GDF 06 Capt. Chad Bryson

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In this Guides day Friday episode, The Fly-Fishing Insider podcast speaks with Captain Chad Bryson, of Chad Bryson fishing.

Chad talks about what guest can expect while on a guided fishing trip with him and his crew.  He mentions to us of all the great places that he guides from. Captain Chad is no stranger to being up in Alaska one week and then Patagonia the next. He’s considered a fly fish/ guide bum by many. He also shares with us the love he has when he takes guests out guiding and they up into that fish of lifetime.

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Other Notes:

Deals: super day of fishing with Captain Chad Bryson fishing for 2 only 500.00 for as many hours as you can safely fish in a day. This deal is a no brainer as Chad Bryson Fishing is usually booked up full year-round, so fly insider your going to want to take advantage of this deal.

Contact the company: http://www.chadbrysonfishing.co

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