EP 44 Fishing with feathers and the goal unity amongst anglers.

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In this episode we speak with Kyler Wartman from fishing with feathers, Kyler is the owner of this fly fishing apparel brand with big aspirations of uniting fly fishers alike.

In this episode we learn that Fishing with feathers is a family business that started in the PNW  area and has strong ties to the local fishing community. 

Kyker shares with the listeners the many uphill battles he has faced to get the brand where it is today but yet he still faces challenges and especially that from shops. 

Kyler explains the motivation behind the purpose of the brands mission of uniting fly fishers from salt to fresh and more as we all love this great sport. 

This is quick little episode with a lot heart and soul. you wont want to miss this one. 

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Advertising Opportunity

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