EP 39 Capt James Johnson, a remote call from the naknek river in Alaska.

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***Warring Warring***, the audio is rough in this episode of a remote call from James Johnson but james has such a wealth of guiding experience of this area that we just had to catch him in his busy guiding season.

In this episode we speak to James about, how he got to owning multiple lodges all in world class fishery. how and what the troubles of getting theses lodges up and running are as wella s what he looks for in buying a lodge first and foremost. 

James shares with us ahis strong passion and love of salt water and what its like to be a permit bum, chasing theses fish all winter. Some tips on how to catch them and what to look for when targeting permit. 

James mentions many cool facts about the alaska rainbow trout and why they are such a great bread of fish to target. 

We  learn what james would change with in the industry, and how social media is extremely important to his lodges.

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