EP 36. Heather Hodson on Fishbum budgets, Redfish Roadies and Fly Fishing Education & Empowerment

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This week on the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast we speak with Heather Hodson. Heather is a dedicated fly angler, educator / instructor and extremely passionate about the sport and conservation of fly fishing. Heather is also the founder of @unitedwomenonthefly which is an organization empowering woman in fly fishing.

In this episode we hear how Heather got her passion started for fly fishing in the early days, as well as the struggles she faced during those days as a new fly fisher. Heather also mentions how she Got real connection with the women in the local Washington fly fishing scene that ultimately became the foundation for united women on the fly.

Heather shares her goals with the brand and what the future of the united women on the fly is hoping to achieve, also how anyone who’s interested in this can reach out to heather and look at becoming a part of this organization.

Heather talks about her crazy and wild times with friend and cohost Jen Ripple of Dun Magazine in which together they embark on road trips across the Southern USA in search of red fish, beer, and good times (of course there is so much more to this than just that). Like how heather helped test the new women’s Simms waders, start casting with double handers first then try a single hand and of course what’s next for her as a female fly fishing Icon.

This episode with Heather Hodson covers so much more that you will not want to miss it, so make sure to subscribe or download now to the Fly-Fishing Insider podcast.

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