EP 34 Yentna, guide booking taken to New Industry levels

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Today our Guest on the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast is Colby Culbertson, Colby is the Co-Founder of Yentna. Yentna is guide booking software system that takes your business and booking to the next level when it come to booking guided trips.  We learn from Colby the ins and outs of Yentna.

Colby talks about how the brand is a one stop shop for all guides looking to book trips, have interaction and collect payments from the guests. Colby also talks about some cool statistics with how many people book a guided trip on line.

I ask Colby about the brands goals and challenges to date and believe me he said a few. Colby also talks about how the brands growth plans are working in capturing new clients, in this business.

This podcast episode is a must hear for any guide or lodge looking to simplify the booking process, and make life easier with their business.

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Advertising Opportunity

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