EP 26 Luke Winkler & Riversmith the new guys on the block you need to know.

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In this Episode of the Fly Fishing Insider podcast we Talk with Luke Winkler, who is the Media relations manager of Riversmith. 

Luke Shares with us how Riversmith got started amongst a few friends working together who all saw the need to start this brand.

Riversmith is currently on a huge roll with in the industry, they are truly turning heads with their rod storage system call the River Quiver. Which is offered in a two or four rod storage options complete with lockable security. 

Luke also talks about the amount of great work Riversmith is doing both on and off the water and how they are currently involved with many projects such as the Mayfly project and much more. It seems to be  Riversmiths values for a company to give back.  

We also learn about the pitfalls the brand has faced and how they have overcome theses to become a leader in rod storage and transportation. 

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Advertising Opportunity

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