EP 23, Louis Cahall the Guy behind Gink and Gasoline and the crazy crazy world he created

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In this episode of the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast we speak with Louis Cahill the guy behind the Gink and Gasoline website and so much more in this lightly edited episode at louis request to be transparent and super authentic.

We feel this is the be best episode yet on the podcast as Louis Shares with us listeners, all about his travels in which over the course of 10 years has been to many of the worlds best fishiest places. Also, what it takes to come up with daily blogs and content to keep the G&G site running, how the challenges and roadblocks are over come.

Louis share with us some super funny stories about how Coca Cola is using his photos with out paying and that he now faces a challenge with the mega brand to seek reimbursement. The few death threats he has received from a crazy steel header in Terrace BC, and even staring in a BF Goodrich video. These are but few in this episode.

Louis opens up about how the site has gone full circle and with the readers whoa re now teaching others while they learned from louis along with an emotional moment about how one solider wrote in and said that “G&G is what’s keeping him going over here”.  

Louis also talks about the hosted trips and how he does it differently and makes mention of if your going go hosted go with him it’s the industry’s best rate, his Friends and destination’s his hosted trips which include Oliver White and his lodges.  

Yes, Louis makes mention of his social media accounts how he was a victim of cyber attacks from the Russians and more. We learn what Louis thinks the industry needs to improve upon and much much more.

Louis also mentions about adopting a dog from the Bahamas and how there is services in Georgia that will help you through the process and finely want to learn how to stop a fish from bleeding out listen to the tip louis offers, you won’t believe it.  This is an must listen episode.


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