EP 13 Reyr Gear, world’s BEST Collapsible fly rods.

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EP 13 Reyr Gear Show Notes:

In this episode we speak with Derek Roedel  CFO of Reyr Gear. Reyr gear is the makers of the world’s first folding fly rod in which you can still keep your line and fly attached. 

Derek tells us about how the idea got started and all the technology that is included in each Reyr rod also what his team is responsible for in the development of the rods. 

Derek also speaks about the challenges he has encountered and is still encountering as the rod company is in its early stages of development and business life.

Top 3 Takeaways from this episode: 

1. Work with reputable companies when developing a quality products and take the feedback they offer with open ears

2. Have a marketing plan and a plan for growth out of the gate.

3. Make sure you get a return on your investment or products if using pro staff or ambassadors to help push the brand. 

Other Notes 

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