EP 10 Rock Treads

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In this episode the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast speaks with Forest Rogers CEO and owner of Rock Treads Company. Rock Treads are the famed traction system for wading boots. Forest discuses the importance of doing R&D before launching a product. He also mentions many personal struggles his partner encountered and even thought of closing down the business.

 Forest talks about how important it is to find your niche and how to quickly identify your demographic as Rock Treads has always done which one of the reasons leading to their success.

Forest offers straight up advice for any new comer wanting to start Creating their brand and business with in the fly-fishing industry business.  To learn more about Rock Treads journey and story Subscribe To learn more about Rock Treads journey and story Subscribe or download this episode at www.flyfishinginsiderpodcast.com or follow us @flyfishinginsiderpodcast 

Top Three Take Aways from this Episode

1. Product testing is extremely important and especially if just starting out.

2. Perseverance is so important despite what cards life hands you.

3. Know your product, know your niche, know your Customer, know what works.

Other notes

Product Deals: Use code ffprt19 for all podcast listeners to receive 20% off on rock treads products, Expires: DEC 31, 2019

Reach them at: http://rocktreads.com

Social Accounts: @rocktreads 

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Advertising Opportunity

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