EP 08 Mariko Izumi

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In this episode the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast speaks with Mariko Izumi the niece of famed Canadian fishing icon Bob Izumi. Mariko discusses her life long career with in the fishing industry.

We learn how Mariko got started with her TV show hooking up with Mariko which ran over 7 seasons. Therefore Mariko tells the listeners what her new business venture and involvement is with the rights to distribute the fly-fishing films tour here in Canada.

Mariko tells us of the many funny stories and memories she has as the former tv show host, most importantly she also mentions what she is up to now and what’s next for her. To hear more of from Mariko Izumi, subscribe or download at www.flyfishinginsiderpodcast.com or follow us @flyfishinginsiderpodcast

Top Three takeaways from this Episode

1. We need to focus as a group and stop pitting against each other in and on social media with in the industry.

2. Apply for any job just to get your foot in the door then you pitch what’s needed later.

3. Don’t take a job of owing your own world traveling and destination fly fishing tv show for granted learn to appreciate it fully.

Other notes

Reach Mariko at: www.travelwithmariko.com

Social Accounts: @marikoizumi 

Subscribe to the show at www.flyfishinginsiderpodcast.com

Follow us @flyfishinginsiderpodcast

Advertising Opportunity

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