EP 02 North kill Tackle

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In this episode the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast speaks with Chris Ritter of North kill tackle. Chris discusses the process of building a quality landing net by hand.

Along with what it takes for a net to pass Chris strict guidelines for quality control. The direction in which north kill tackle is heading with the business and identifying who their customers are at an early stage in business.

Chris also reaches out to any future or curious net builders and offer his help personally. Chris explores his reasons why a North kill net is the only way to go when it comes to landing nets. To hear more of from North kill tackle, subscribe or download at www.flyfishinginsiderpodcast.com or follow us @flyfishinginsiderpodcast

Top Three Take Aways from this Episode

1. It takes more that just posting pictures on Instagram to start a landing net business.

2. Old innertubes are used as clamps in perfecting your skills of net building and forming of the hoops.

3. Finding a mentor in the fly industry and how important it is for a young company to do this.

Other notes

Product Deals: Use code flyfishinginsider for 15% off your entire purchases for all podcast listeners.

Reach them at: www.northkilltackle.com

Social Accounts: @northkilltackle 

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Advertising Opportunity

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