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The fly-fishing insider podcast recently sat down with Adam Hutchinson from the RL Winston Company, for an in-depth interview of the brand. As we got into the story of the brand and the technology that makes a Winston rod so great, Adam made mention about a super 10. This one of Winston’s fly rod models that has all the technology you can think of in a light fast 10 ft. fly rod.

After much discussion about this rod on the show which you can listen to here. We decided that it was actually everything that we were looking for in our go to Stillwater stick this year.

What we Liked:

Ok it’s a Winston fly rod, I want you to think for a moment about that, because everything is stylish and elevated in class of its own.  Winston fly rods provided this class from the moment we took the rod tube out from the shipping box. The presentation of the rod from the tube to the rod sock with logo stitching was unbelievable. The build and finish on the rod was outstanding the rod comes in the traditional Winston green and has the hand painted rod ID details. The guides and reel seat hardware were top of the line and it proudly shows. Another simple feature I was impressed with was the top locking reel seat my reels felt secure to the rod almost like it was a part of the rod during the casts. Winston’s choice of cork was flawless and smooth that fit perfectly with in our hands.

Ok so how did the rod do during the testing phase, you know punching those long 20ft leaders with indicators and splits shots go. Well this rods action is fast and the power it has, is definitely felt with every cast and loading. The rod was deadly accurate and yet subtitle in delivery of smaller flies.  The rod gave us complete confidence in our fishing and the performance was unparalleled.

What we didnt like:

Very hard to find something wrong or what we didn’t like. But it would be more of a personal preference to us and that being we would love to see a 6wt super 10 made for those big BC trout on some Stillwater’s.  But the 4wt and 5wts will also more that do the job.

The bottom line:

See how the winston super 10 did in this rod review.

A Winston fly rod is probably not for everyone due to cost, frequency of fishing or other factors, we get that and so does Winston. However tho if you are looking to up to the best level you can that think Winston for your next upgrade. AS this rod is our rod of choice and were amazed.

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