Top Shelf Floats Review

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Recently on a fly fishing trip, I was introduced to a new float and leader system for Stillwater indicator fly fishing from a friend. What lead me to this learning about this new system was that I noticed that he was catching so many more fish than I was even tho we were using the same fly. He was also landing the bigger fish with zero break off rates. As I was snapping off during a good fight. I knew I had to change this up and I asked him and he said it started off with a more premium float, like the top shelf floats.

What We Liked

Top Shelf Float

We love the fact theses floats are incredibly durable, Since switching to the new leader float set up I have used the same float on multiple trips as I would have at least used 2-3 of the other foam floats.  Which goes to show quality over quantity. When it comes to the finish on the top shelf float this thing is bombproof, we could not scratch it if we tried and we did, there was no fading or paint rubbing off. Most importantly they are all high visibly in colour making them easy to see within the water. We also like how this float allowed us to improve our leader rig set up. Here’s what we did:

We started with using 6ft section 10 lb fluorocarbon with a loop knot in the end, slide the float one then place a barrel swivel on the tag end. In which we attached another 4 ft. or more of 6 lb fluorocarbon with the fly and 1 ft. above the fly a small loon camo drop. This set up was killer. No more tapered leaders for us as the float performed so well super sensitive to small takes and the leader strength was there for the big fish.

What We Didn’t Like

We really don’t like the how theses floats are not at our local shop! Hint hint! But really we don’t like how so many Stillwater fly fishers are still using the old style of floats and not theses new ones from top shelf. We hope this will change soon with support and education. As well we didn’t like the that there was little info on how to rig this set up as it deter many from using this float, but again we hope that can change and none of our dislikes are towards the product or performance.

The Bottom Line

It reminds me of the old saying once you top shelf you never go back and in this case it couldn’t be more true.

Fly Fishing Insider Rating

5 Star Rating

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