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Scientific Anglers Absolute stillwater leaders review.

You gotta be quick when it comes to stillwater fly fishing. There is lots going on and many opportunities to miss fish or better yet strikes. This season I was turned on to the new Absolute Stillwater leaders from SA. Since using theses leaders, I have noticed a better catch rate than prior years. Especially when fishing with a novice or beginner who is in my boat. So, if you like catching fish reading this review of the Scientific Anglers Stillwater Absolute leaders will give you more leader choices and tools to do so.

What we liked:

PC Scientific agnlers

Without a doubt we love the wet knot strength of theses leaders first and foremost, it’s really great to know that when hooked up on that trophy trout you can depend on your knot and leader strength. We also liked the butt section of the leader with the orange indicator marking. We found that this really helps when fly fishing indicators or fly fishing in shallows on floating lines with slow retrieves countless times I have seen the “orange” butt section go down prior to feeling a fish. This gain is a life saver. We also liked the taper we tested the 4x and 3x in this leader and both cast well, and to be completely honest couldn’t tell the difference between the 2 in casting and fishing applications.

What we didnt like:

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Not much to not like. The Absolute Stillwater leader worked with many different indicator brands.  The strength was there and its designed to do what its supposed to.  But if we had to find a flaw, I guess the price point was slightly higher but not much. And really its you pay for what you get.

The bottom line:

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The Scientific Angler Absolute Stillwater leader, is just another tool to help you become that much of a better Stillwater angler.  This leader has strength, and hi vis indication making it another tool that we use on the water.  

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