SA Clear Camo Fly Line Review

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With the launch of our partnership in the guided podcast with Scientific Anglers, one of the benefits was that we get our hands on some really cool lines, leaders and tippets. In addition to talking to the best of the best in the fly-fishing world. So, when Brian Chan told me about the Clear Camo Fly Line from SA as he put it it’s a Stillwater necessity.  I know then we had to do some fast R&D on this line.

One of the points that Brian did mention about the line that really got us pumped up was that it’s a great early season Ice off line, for stripping those scuds and leeches at ice out and pre chironomids hatch.

What we liked:

One of the first things that we noticed was the Fly line was a gel like texture, and yes it was a clear and camo in colour. How cool is that, we thought. We extremely enjoy casting this line as its taper is based upon a Stillwater favorite the MPX fly line tapers. Having much success stripping scuds the line held it own there was minimum stretch and playing fish was smooth as line peeled off the reel and through the guides.  Like all Scientific Anglers Premium fly lines there was the loop to connections as well making leader changes easy.  

What we didnt like:

At first, we were a little confused at how well it cast and presented the fly. Given the fact that our eyes couldn’t locate the MPX taper visually. Truthfully though we don’t buy fly lines to look at tapers, but rather rely on there performance instead. And that’s what this line does, giving the user confidence in casting performance and presentation.  

The Bottom Line:

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If you are a Stillwater angler, plain and simple you need this line on your reel. Seriously this will up your game and improve those slow days at early ice out with the slow cast and retrieve as the line is just the right sink rate (1.25 ips) for this, trust us.  

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