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Rock Treads

Rock treads attached to boots

  All to often the fish we chase, are just often out of reach especially in those fast-flowing rivers. And if you’re like me afraid to take that extra step in fear of losing your footing and well putting an end to a great day or perhaps worse. Then this is the best safety product for you. Rock Treads have solved this problem by the attachment of their safety traction discs mounted on your wading boot.

Rock Treads in action

What we liked:

Rock treads are aircraft aluminum traction discs that screw into your wading boot and provide the safety and traction. These lightweight discs for a great contact with wet rocks preventing and minimizing slipping. The discs can be personalized and mounted in any pattern that best suits the user, unlike other pre mounted options. The discs are extremely durable and often exceed the life of the boot. As well this an extremely affordable option instead for those on a budget.

Well used set of Rock treads PC ukn

What we didnt like:

Rock Treads kits have many parts in them and even some spare screws and lock pins which I found to be a little confusing at first and slightly intimidating. The packaging though they are trying to reduce the footprint in my opinion need to be readdressed however this doesn’t affect the product in anyway. Lastly the install I wish there was more info on the install as this can be a bit tricky at the start. But they do however they offer a service to install the treads for you if you like for a fee.

The Bottom Line:

The kit of Rock treads pre install.

If your looking to wade safely and not have to worry about the fuzz on the rocks and sip into the drink than this the best and most affordable product on the market that will accomplish both for you. Once the install is completed the product will stay on your boots for life and will never need to be readdressed in most cases. 

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