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Sometimes in fly fishing you think your all set up and you have all the right gear and equipment to keep you on top of your game. That is until a disruption happens.  And that’s actually what happened to me when Don Chetwin reached out and we got talking about his world famous Moby Nets.

PC: Moby nets

Do is the owner of Moby nets, which are made right here in British Colombia. Don has built and perfected the craft of theses nets, which is why they are so loved and welcomed amongst the Stillwater fly fishing community.  Moby nets have many different styles and length options making them truly one of the top if not the top net builder in the industry for wooden nets. When don asked if we would like to try our Kamloops trophy net model complete with personalised inscription we just had to jump on this.

What we liked:

PC Moby Nets

Ok there is so much to like in this net, and I know many are probably thinking it’s just a net but let’s look further at this.  One of the first things that we liked was the shear looks and design of theses with hardwood inlays and the hardwood maple that constructs this this net. We really like the fact that the net has a very large opening to land those big BC fish.  We chose to go with the netting material over the rubber basket material. I prefer this as it’s not as heavy when alone and trying to land big fish.  Now this is the game changer for us, we really liked the floating aspect of this net it floats and I can focus on keeping the fish safe and in the water not having to worry about the net sink. I also like the little touches of the size numbering on the net Handel again keeping the fish wet while quickly checking the size. It makes it some much easier to focus on just the fish not everything else.

What we didnt like:

PC Moby Nets

  We don’t like the fact that these nets are only available through shops, as they are often sold out in most shops. So it really limits the consumer to choose another option if in need of a quality net like this. We do hope that in the future that Moby will build and online store as well. I would Love to see this brand take off and reach outfly fishing friends south of the boarder as well.

The Bottom line:

PC Moby Nets

Bottom line: If you’re looking to up your game have an amazing hand built net added to your equipment that will let you focus on the fish and not everything else than think Moby and support BC business.

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