Loon Camo Drops Review

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When it comes to Stillwater fly fishing getting your fly in the strike zone is key to success especially when fishing the chironomids. Although, I guess this is success to all fishing. But let’s focus in on Stillwater’s as this is where our product testing of the Loon Camo Drops took place.

PC loon Outdoors

I know that when I fish a chironomid, I want two things to happen:

1. Get my fly down to the feeding zone and to keep it in the zone and to do this fast.

2. I want a weight that is not going to hinder my cast or my natural presentation

The best solution that we have found is the Loon Camo Drop tin weights, for doing the job right and staying environmentally on point.

Loon camo drops. PC Loon Outdoors

What we liked

We really like the fact that these are Camo in colour (black also available) when we tested out the drops, we were often in different water colours as is quite common in high mountain lakes. And the drops blended in well especially when presentation mattered most. We also really liked the easy to use dispenser they came in this was a great surprise as we assumed, they would be just be mixed together. We found that the drops were easy to crimp on and off on the leader which made adjusting them easily and saving leader material costs. Finely since they are made of Tin, they sink fast yet are super easy to cast in many cases we didn’t notice any difference in casting performance.

What we didn’t like:

We found that the camo drops do break fairly easy if too much pressure is applied during the crimping process on the line, once we backed off the pressure slightly there were no problems.

Loon Camo drops being applied to leader. PC loon outdoors

The Bottom Line

Camo Drops from our testing

If you’re looking to get your fly in the zone, being environmentally aware by using the non-toxic tin camo drops made by loon than this product is for you. We like that no matter the size of drops required loon has you covered with more than 9 different sizes available in both camo and black.  We enjoyed testing and using this product as its now stock for the fly-fishing insider crew to have in all our gear bags.

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