Lamson Speedster S 5wt reel

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The Lamson Speedster S 5wt

When it comes to trout fishing, having a great reel is probably in my opinion one of the top three key pieces of equipment required. By having a good reel this will allow you to fish effectively and manage those big runs and into the backing take off from feisty trout. Managing theses runs is part of the difference between landing fishing and hooking up, I prefer to land.

Also having a great Reel that can keep up with the 1000s of cast that you will make throughout the day is also very important both for the equipment and your body. The Fly-fishing Insider has found a reel that can do both and exceeds our needs in every department. The Lamson Speedster S 5wt reel in midnight is just that.

What we liked:

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We liked the colour and weight of this reel right away from the unboxing. The machined aircraft aluminum porting along with the cool blue (midnight) colour is over the top in terms of style and looks. We love the sealed drag system and the sheer strength of this drag. We also liked the narrow spool in the large arbor to allow for greater line pick up. Another cool feature we liked was the reel seat and the design of this reel seat, we noticed how it sat really tight to the rod giving us better performance and piece of mind.

What we didnt like:

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Truthfully, there is nothing we didn’t like. In fact, the fly-fishing insider ahs switched most of our reels to this model. But if we had to find something, I guess it would be the other colour offered (ember) in this series of reels. It’s really just silver to us, but I guess we’re being nitpicky now.

The Bottom Line

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If you love looking for a solid trout or 5wt reel that won’t break the bank, can fish both fresh water and salt, last forever, perform at new levels and look bad ass than seriously take a look at the Lamson Speedster S 5wt.  Folks you will not be disappointed.

Fly Fishing Insider Ratings:

5 Star Rating
5/5 star ratings

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