G4 Garmin Sonar Review

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Introduction to the G4 Garmin Sonar

When it comes to finding fish you rarely rely upon a fish finder in Stillwater fly fishing. What we do use is a fish finder what’s the depth sonar feature defines the bottom of the Stillwater Lake this feature pipe with your skill and knowledge will likely yield you some fish. However, this Stillwater season we tried and tested the G4 Garmin Sonar fish finder.

What We Liked

You like the size of the G4 Garmin Sonar if it well on our Mount that was custom made for us. We also liked the screen size we found a very large enough to get to give Anglers a good visual of what’s going on below. We also like to sensitivity feature the unit had it allowed us to find a preference and we liked it. Last week we did like the durability at the unit we felt that it did not need to be babied in fact we are quite rough with this unit and it held up well.

What We Didn’t Like

Okay so we didn’t really like how difficult it was to read it first we change the settings to try and better understand but still found it confusing. We also didn’t like the fish ID images it looks more like an emoji of some sort this was not really for us. Lastly, we really didn’t like the wiring cable for the to the battery it’s extremely thin and we found over the season it broke quite a few times.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line if you’re on a budget looking for a durable fish finder, I would look at this unit if you’re not on a budget thinking this is a good unit we would suggest looking elsewhere.

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