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All too many times podcasting we ask the guest, what are some final words they would like to say before we let them go. And countless times the guest will say “pack out what you packed in” or everyone needs to do your part in keeping our environment clean. Which is why we are introducing the Fishpond PIOPOD.

Truthfully, we couldn’t agree more with theses statements and comments. I think its important to point out that our friends at Fishpond agree with this as well. And they had sent us a few Fishpond PIOPODS to play with, at first we thought nothing of it till we started to notice that this little pod went on many adventures and trips with the crew that before long we started to make sure it was part of the load up the gear every time.  So why no let others know about it.

What we liked:

Photo Fishpondusa

Mostly we liked the idea behind this concept and that it was developed with a purpose bigger than profit, as well as it’s designed to do one big thing, thanking your trash out. Yes, you can stuff your line, leaders, tippets and more into this 100% recycled plastic can. This can hold everything you would otherwise leave on the river shore (perhaps)? The construction is solid making this well built and sturdy it rolls around in our boat and some times acts as a secondary bailer if needed.  The lid consists of slits which keep everything in but allows you to add more garbage if needed, really making it too easy not to have one.

What we didnt like:

Photo Fishpondusa

Not much we didn’t like except the fact that every boat in North America doesn’t have one yet. Or the fact that yes, the Pio pod costs money, which again will limit the users purchasing this product.

The bottom line:

Photo basin and bend

If you have a boat, walk the river etc., and like to fish. I don’t care what you say we produce garbage evetime. This little can make such a big impact in reducing the amount of garbage we leave behind.  Do yourself and the environment a solid and pick it up there are different sizes to choose from you will be glad you did.

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Advertising Opportunity

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