Loon Outdoors / Complete Tying Kit Review

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Loon Outdoors / Complete Tying Kit Review

loon complete tying kit

Loon Outdoors launched the new complete fly tying kit that came out in late 2019. After a long winter of playing around with kit and tying a lot of fly’s.  Enough flies were tied to make our boxes worthy of any great tyre.  When we got our hands on this new complete tying kit, we really only had just one thought at the beginning and that was why was everyone not doing this. Truth be told it’s exactly this a kit that can travel, be packed up and has everything especially for us a brand that’s on the go.

Tools with in the Kit

What We Liked

We liked that this kit has all tools that one would ever need to tie a fly both at home and in the in the most remote fishy areas we could ever think of. We like the look of the box and the tools both in style and quality and function.  The tools even come with a 100% satisfied unconditional guarantee, I am sure that makes some of you feel easier. As well the tools are packed in a hard case with a soft foam insert in which each tool has its spot, again great for remembering to locate misplaced tools since there is 10 of them to keep track of.

Loon Ergo Bobbin

What We Didn’t Like

The ergo all-purpose bobbin tool has a smaller opening often making it very difficult to thread. We also didn’t like the lock on the outer box felt it could be improved upon especially for travel. We would suggest however if they mad the box slightly bigger and double-sided, they could add a spot for a travel vice and materials storage truly making it the complete case.

Loon tying kit and more

The Bottom Line

If your new too tying or a seasoned tier the Loon outdoors complete tying case is a great product that is built strong and will last someone years to come. This complete tying case has it all its truly a one stop shop. I personally would just buy it and be done with other tools, with exception of more bobbins as one can never have enough of them.

To learn More about this product visit www.loonoutdoors.com

Our Rating

5 Star Rating
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