Best Fly-Fishing Values 2020 Best Freshwater Fly Lines 2020

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The freshwater Floating fly lines of 2020 that made the most impact and performed the best in all areas tested, all came from Scientific Anglers fly lines. These freshwater fly lines are top picks with in their category.

Best Premium Value

Photo Scientific Anglers

 Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity https://www.scientificanglers.com/product/amplitude-infinity/

Line Specs, AST plus, Shooting textures, welded loops, Dry tip, Line ID, TRP

Cost $129.00

WTs  3-9

Grains 110 -260gr

Notes performs in warm/ cold water great for all flies and indicator fishing.

Hands down this is probably the best fly line currently in the world. To put it simply, the line is revolutionary. Many of the features with in the line includes, AST plus slickness (which shoots the line smoothly, further and more accurately). Extreme floatation is within this line due to the texture of the line, more so the tips. The general purpose taper allows the line to fish in many freshwater scenarios and for multiple fish species. The SA amplitude line is a half size heavy which will help the angler load the rod faster and deliver more power.

Best Mid Value

Photo Scientific Anglers

 Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX https://www.scientificanglers.com/product/mastery-mpx/

Line Specs Double loops, Line IDs, AST,

Cost $79.00

WTs 3-9

Notes Performs well in cold/ warm waters, Great for all flies and indicator fishing.

Mastery MPX line has it covered from browns to Brookies and all trout in between. The line can present streamers to nymphs and drives with ease and precision. Featuring SA line is the AST technology and revised compound taper. Line IDs and double ended loops, a half size heavy. Keep in mind this line is not to be underrated for its category, and not too long ago it was the top pick.

Best Entry Value

Photo Scientific Anglers

 Scientific Anglers Frequency Boost http/www.scientificanglers.com/product-category/fly-lines/frequency/

Line Specs Line ID, AST and welded Loop.

Cost $49.00

WTs 3-8

Notes Performs well in warm/ cold water, streamers, dry’s, nymphs and indicator fishing.

The SA Frequency Boost, will do just that to your cast as the line is built a half size heavy. This is a great all-purpose floating line. If you fish as streamers or nymphs even large dries, this line will perform. Some of the Boots features are the AST technology, welded loop. One of the best things we like was the how easy the line is to use and cast for many anglers in many different water conditions and temperatures compared to others with in this category.

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