Best 10 Fly fishing destinations for 2020.

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Everyone Fly fisher has a dream, to some day travel and go for the big one in a far-off destination. But to where? This task of looking into where to go and how to spend your hard-earned greenbacks, can often seem confusing, long and trouble some.  Fear not the Fly-fishing Insider has compiled a list of destinations areas and species only.  That’s right no guides or lodges are named to ensure you can build your fly-fishing dreams without our full influence.

PC: Alagnak River Lodge

1.) Alagnok River, Alaska USA:

The Alagnok River is a fly fishers dream, the river is home to many species of salmon, char and trout. This river also offers abundant wild life and amazing views. This river has many lodges, guides and accommodations along or with in fishing distance. Fishing this river is sure to make you bad ass.

2). Cayo Coco, Cuba:


Cuba the new hot spot for bonefish, tarpon and permit make this destination a must during winter or fall months in 2019. The three areas to fish, which are the mangrove lagoons, pristine flats and many channels. Tho this might attract attention of fly fishers from around the globe, but it really doesn’t receive the pressure you might think. There is numerus resorts and hotels only 15 mins away. So, incorporating a fly-fishing dream trip while on a family vacy is now possible.

3). Jurassic Lake, Argentina:

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Jurassic lake is one of the most prolific trophy rainbow trout fisheries on the planet. Located in the Santa Cruz Province at an elevation 300ft and the lake is 20x15km. Its not uncommon to catch rainbow trout 10 plus lbs and 20 lbs are also with the lake. Many of the same fly patters will work, and the usual fishing methods as well. There is lodging options at the lake and many guiding choices as well. This lake is a must do trip.

4). Brunna River, Iceland:

PC: Rivernorth.IS

This Gin cleared river holds Char, browns and sea trout. It’s a fly only river and catch and release. But we do that, anyway right? The river is a very popular destination for fly anglers and there is a few lodges or guest houses along the river. Fly fishing guiding options area also available. So, feed your inner Viking and fish the Brunna river you’ll be glad you did. (personal note I am planning a trip here in 2019).

5). Waiau River, New Zealand:


The Hanmer Springs area is trophy brown trout town. Many anglers dream of fishing this area, for the monster size browns. With the average brown being 5 plus lbs and double-digit trout are not uncommon. The Waiau river offers so much scenery and accommodations like that located in the alpine spa town of Hanmer springs.  This Is a go for it trip if you can do it.

6). Dean River, BC Canada:

PC: Vector North

Probably one of the best rivers for steelhead on this planet. And if you’re a steel header you need to cross this one off your list. The Dean is accessed either from boat or plane with limited walk in points. This River offers huge steelhead and Chinook salmon opportunities to the ambitious angler. Let’s not for get to mention the amazing views and wildlife. Prime times are quite long for this river, being June to mid Oct. This trip is sure to make your fiends jealous of your adventure.

7). Amazon Jungle, Brazil:

PC: worldcastanglers

This is the last fully unexplored region of the world that we know of as of today for fly fishing with in the Amazon. Theses waters are home to so big species of gamefish. However, in the lower Amazon this is where you will find the famed Peacock Bass. The Peacock bass is known to be a strong aggressive fish and must catch on any fly fishers dream list. The Amazon holds breathtaking scenery and exotic wild, with many accommodations and guides with in the region and close to the river. This dream destination might take 1 day to fly there but well worth it once you get hooked up.

8). Andros Islands, Bahamas:


This little island is a well known but hardly visited bone fishing mecca. Bone fish from 4-10 lbs are often caught in the pristine flats that surround this island. Many great and luxurious resorts and guest houses are in the near by area. Local guides are you best bet to bring you to some big bone fish action.

9). Florida Keys, Florida USA:

PC: stingreacharters

Florida Keys are home to permit, bone fish and tarpon just to name a few and that’s what makes this a fishing destination top pick. But let’s not over look the clear waters and a laid-back lifestyle which is a huge plus as well. The fishing season is almost consistent year-round depends on the target species your chasing. Lots of hotels and resorts are with in the keys area. This trip if timed right might line up with spring break.

10). Baja, Mexico:


Theses waters are home to yellowfin tuna, dorado, rooster fish and many other species of gamefish. Great weather conditions and warm water temps are ideal for hunting theses big fish when its good. Its theses fish that make this travel destination a top pick for 2019 and length of the fishing season is well known to be quite long and often at times will reward an angler with a world record fish. Many choices in hotels and guides exists here in the Baja region.  Its defiantly a trip I will plan in the winter.

There you have it the list of ten top destinations the Fly-Fishing Insider feels are the best of 2019. Though there are many places in the world to travel and fish, but something is still to be said about your own home waters. Enjoy and Keep em wet.

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