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Join The Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast every week on Tuesdays where we interview a fly-fishing icon in under an hour. We are bringing you the most amazing stories within the industry.

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The Fly Fishing Insider Podcast

They say everyone has a story, and that’s exactly why The Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast was created. To share the stories that unite us together and provide the fly fishers of the globe both experienced and novice with the stories, of those who have created a Product, Service or Niche with in the fly-fishing industry and their amazing journey.  The Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast  digs deep with in theses people or companies to uncover the hard facts and what it took to get there. We highlight both the success and failures it has taken to reach their level of current success, both on and off the water. 

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About | Greg Keenan

Founder and Avid Fly-Fishing Enthusiast

I created The Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast because I knew I always wanted to be in the Fly-Fishing Industry, but in what capacity I was unsure. In my early days, I would make fly’s and sell them (mostly just breaking even). I remember trying my hand at being a Fly-Fishing sales rep and going from shop to shop, never really getting anywhere.

That’s when it became clear that I was more fascinated with the icons within the industry. In other words, I was more focused on what other brands and people were doing to revolutionize this crazy sport I love so much. Ultimately,  I knew I was not alone in this thinking. As a result,  I researched various company’s and fly-fishing influencers and began to explore their stores and it all made sense.

Most importantly, I knew I had to build a platform for these amazing stories to be shared. I wanted others to be influenced and inspired and to follow their dreams. Most importantly, I wanted them to be simply as amazed as I still am.


Therefore, I created The Fly Fishing Insider Podcast and Guided Podcast, knowing theses would both Proudly serve as that platform.

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