5 Fly Fishing Accessories that every fly fisher needs.

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By Fly Fishing Insider

When it comes to fly fishing It seems that there is so many different gadgets or the next big thing in fishing technology and gear improvement out there. And I feel it’s safe to say that I am 100% guilty of wanting to try it all.

“Yes, hello my name is Blah Blah Blah and I am a gear hound”. I love to buy it hate to part with it and don’t really need most of it either.

So, the question is what do we need as an accessory to further extend our time on the water making it more safe, enjoyable and all around easier. Well here is the list we feel that is the five Fly fishing accessories that every fly fisher needs.

Image From Rock Treads

Rock Treads, Traction Disc, theses are must have and make the top of our list. Yes, the little aluminum traction discs that screw on to your bottom of your wading boots. This little life saver makes a good day on the water become a great day on the water very quickly. They are extremely light weight but hold their own when it comes to safety and traction. Incredibly affordable durable and chances are once you go rock treads you don’t go back. https://www.rocktreads.com

Image From Loon Outdoors

Loon Outdoors, Rogue Quickdraw Forceps, Ok theses bad boys are probably the ultimate forceps on the market for fly fishing tools. They feature a carabiner style handle which makes this super easy and useful. They also are designed with fly removal in mind and can navigate effectively remove any fly and most fly sizes. Yes, even with your steelhead gloves on in the winter. Other features include the scissor jaw, extra thick comfort grip handle and fly eye clearing needle. I don’t leave home without theses you shouldn’t either.


Image From Fishpond

Fishpond, Headgate Tippet Holder, this simple yet super cool accessor always makes me wonder why I never thought of that. Since I didn’t, I will just have to enjoy the super simple little life saver that every time I hit the river this is a must. The countless days of digging in my pack or pockets for that spare spool of tippet I need always at the bottom of the pack are now behind me latterly. This cool tippet holder clips on to the pack and is ready when you need it. Constructed of aluminum featuring a latching hook so you can rest assure you not going o lose this accessory.


Image From Rising

Rising Fishing, Big Nippa, Rising Has created the big Nipper with a .75” cutting surface its no surprise that theses will cut through mono, fluorocarbon and even braid like a hot knife through butter. The ergonomic design gives the user the comfort of use throughout the day. The Nippas comes in a colour options. Best of at they are extremely affordable so if lost you won’t feel super bad but it would still suck.


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