3 Awesome Fly Fishing Goals for 2020

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Well it’s that time again, yes every year just after news year we flock to the gym or try to break those bad habits. Even say were going to do this or that in an attempt to better ourselves.
Yes, most of us at some point in our life’s have made the famous New Year resolution, consisting of goals or will do and won’t do with some successful and many well not so
But this is a new year after all so let’s try new goals. I have personally made some goals that I wish to share with you all. They are my Fly Fishing goals. As I have never done this before in my life I thought that it would seem fitting that share with you what I mean by fly fishing goals.
I plan to Create 3 goals with in my love of fly fishing to better myself or others in 2020, I will adapt the smart goal setting system as this method is simple yet effective. For those who are unfamiliar with the smart goal system it stands for (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time).

My top three goals for fly fishing are this,

  1. To be on a guided destination Saltwater trip for Jacks and marlin this spring
  2. Enjoy every moment on the water despite catching fish or not
  3. To educate anglers further on specific fishery’s, equipment and guided tips through the podcast platform

Now that I have listed my goals for all to see, it’s time to put the plan into action. Let’s take goals #3 and see how to create a smart goal with this.

Specific: Educating anglers on Different fishery’s, equipment uses and guiding tips and techniques on my platform.
Measurable: To know this is achieved by when anglers download the new show guided, gather feedback from listeners.
Attainable: In order to attain this goal I will need to create a great new podcast with a sponsor who has tone of pro staff and ambassaotors as well as product that can be featured to teach anglers of some other benefits. To interview Guides with in this Space, and to partner with SA on this project.
Relevant: This goal is extremely relevant to my personal goals and that the goals of being a great Podcast host with great content to offer listeners.
Time: I will create the new show Guided for the 2020 Podcast season to be launched on the Fly fishing Insider podcast platform. Time for the new show launch is January 17th 2020.

As you can see this goal lays everything out to make it extremely easy for me to follow through and create action in offering this new show to the listeners.
I will continue the same method with the remaining two goals. This will be my 2020 top 3 fly fishing goals I would love to see and know what yours are. Best of luck to you all in 2020 with your goals of any kind.

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