fly fishing

Fishe Wear

In this episode we talk with linda the owner of fishe wear the alaska brand women’s fly fishing clothing company, find out why she disrupted the fishing industry.

Matt McCannel

in this episode we speak with matt mccannel the guide in colorado who knows how to catch big trout, matt is an expert in this.

Hilary Hutcheson

In this episode we speak with hilary hutchinson the gude, shop owner and more. we learn whats next for hillary who is setting the industry on fire.

Jeff Currier

In this episode we speak with Jeff currier, the global fly fisher who has many stories and has caught many world records of different species of fish.

Loon Camo Drops Review

In this review we test the loon outdoors camo drops, see how theses non toxic tin weights hold up in out product review test.

EP 64 Midnight Sun Custom Flys

In this episode we talk all things custom files and the growth of them, we also cover patterns for spey and steelheading. Jon talks about OPST as well.

Brian Silvey

In this episode we speak with guide and two handed caster brian silvey on steelhead, salmon and trout fishing in the PNW.

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