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EP 20 PT1, Kristen Mustad, Nautilus Reels and the long rise to the top.

In this Episode we speak with Kristen Mustad the owner of Nautilus Fly Reels.

Sage “Payload Fly Rod” Review

A full review on the sage payload is conducted from the team at the fly fishing insider.

Fishing for a day at Stoney Lake Lodge, BC.

Ask any BC, Stillwater fly angler if they have ever heard of Stoney lake lodge. And more than likely their answer will probably be YES. Ahh the famous Douglas lake ranch luxury fly fishing resort, Stoney lake lodge. The lodge is dream to most Stillwater anglers either a dream destination for those who are outside of the province and dream fishery for those who are so close.
Well this doesn’t always have to be so out of reach to many as Stoney lake lodge is a stone throw away from Kamloops and Kelowna, BC. So close that the Fly-Fishing Insider reached out to the awesome crew up at the lodge and asked them if we could spend the day fishing on the lake. They were very happy to oblige.
Kyle Jones the manager at Stoney Lake lodge invited me up for the day to not only fish but explore and see everything that this property can offer its guests. Naturally I Jumped at this opportunity. I knew the weather would be very sketchy so I packed accordingly after all what fly fisher would not go to this place.

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