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EP 32 Loon Outdoors, A story of chaos and triumph.

In this Episode we speak with Brett Zundel a partner in Loon Outdoors. Loon Outdoors is an eco focused fly fishing brand providing many solutions to fly tyers and anglers.

Brett takes listeners through the emotional past that loon has encountered with how the company came to be and the many many challenges that loon has faced, did you know loon made rods and reels and waders as well back in the early days?

We learn that loon has always had a super strong focus on eco wise and preservation of the enviroment while fly fishing. Loon announces to us some new products that we can expect to see this year.

this is truly a great episode with much to hear and learn about from Brett and Loon Outdoors.

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GDF EP 07 Capt Tim O’Rourke

Tim talks about what guest can expect while on a guided fishing trip with him and his crew. He mentions to us of all the great places that he guides from. Captain Tim tells us the about the albacore and striped bass season. He is also a certified sage elite pro staff and Tim shares with us what guests can expect in regards to using the newest sage gear setup while on a trip with him. He also shares with us the best and worst part of guiding.

Product Review: Waterworks Lamson Speedster S Reel.

A review on the new Lamson Speedster S reel Tested in Alaska.

EP 27 Matt Smythe of AFFTA, talks about IFTD the decision to stand alone & #D4BB what you need to know.

In this Episode we speak with Matt Smyth the membership manager of AFFTA. Matt talks about what AFFTA is in the fly fishing world and why it is important to all of us fly fishers.

Matt shares what the many many many shared focuses are that AFFTA has with its different members. We learn the reason why Colorado was chosen for the IFTD and all that goes into this show to make sure its a success for everyone.

Matt opens up about what we can expect this year at the show with the new platforms and seminars offered to visitors.

Matt also mentions to us that anyone going who has yet to register you might want to jump on it. As spots and rooms are filling up fast.

Matt talks about AFFTAs newest passion project the #D4BB or day for bristol bay, and the many retailers who are getting behind the great cause to raise much needed funds for the front line workers who are going head to head with the mining companies in order to protect this land.

10 Early Ice off tips to help you catch more fish.

By Fly Fishing Insider.

The weather is starting to warm, the days are longer and were finely in the double digits on the thermostat. Yes, spring is in the air. And you like so many others are checking the local fly shop website in hopes that the fishing report will read ice off on one of your early seasons go to lakes.

The thing about ice off is this, fishing can be hit our miss and we have all been there before. But this year its going be different you tell yourself, and you know what it is your going to ready and prepared now thanks to your friends at the fly-fishing Insider we have 10 early ice off tips to help you catch more fish this season.

So, take notes and listen up here are your 10 tips put you on more fish after ice off according to various guides and experts we asked, interviewed and been told by.

Tip #1: Be ready and be prepared, bring different rods with different lines from floating to sinking theses spring days can be super unpredictable with a quick hatch coming off for an hour to a full day on sink line and deep.

Tip #2: Diversify your fly box and have some secret ice off flies in there such as a blob, boobie and balanced leech theses flies are a must have before even leaving the house.

Tip #3: Go slow, no really fish slowly and strip slower than normal, let the fly sink down slowly even give the fly a slight twitch slowly theses are some keys to striking success.

Tip #4: Start in the shallows and don’t be afraid to fish in 2 to 3 ft of water as this water is warmer and more alive with food sources for those hungry trout.

Tip #5:  Fluorocarbon leaders are a must year-round but if I had to choose it would be in the spring where they are most important. Trout are spooky and slow and will closely check a fly often before a strike occurs. You don’t want to lose any chances on an already slow time.

Tip #6:  Micro leeches, in a mix of colours. Many anglers like the pumpkin head I find that a black leech with a little flash will work great if fished just off the bottom in shallows.

Tip #7:  If the shallows are unproductive try deeper and drag your leech along the bottom with a full sink line beadhead leeches are a great fly choice. Long leaders are also suggested.

Tip #8:  Often overlooked or forgotten about till you re on the water, is to pre stretch out any old lines that have sat on the reel all winter or especially new ones that you may have got for Christmas as the cold temps could further increase the line curl resulting in a delayed or missed hook set.

Tip #9:   Blobs, it seems as thou the blob is the new ice off fly for some reason. Personally, I think is causes it confuses the trout into thinking its cloud of daphnia. So, make sure you stock up on theses littles guys before coming out.

Tip #10:  Make sure that all equipment is working from boat motors, batteries are charged up, anchor ropes are uncoiled, drain plugs are properly and correctly in place and all boat safety equipment is working. 

The Fly-Fishing Insider wishes you some great early Ice off Fishing, this season. and we want to know what tips  worked best for you.  

EP 33 Montana Fly Co, A fly business done right for everyone.

In this Episode of the Fly-fishing Insider Podcast we speak with Jake Chutz of Montana Fly Company (MFC). Jake is a long-time team member to MFC and is actively involved with many of the business’s current concepts and future development.

Jake takes the Listeners back to the humble beginnings of the brand where it started out in a college dorm as an idea. We learn about the process of how MFC is selecting their tiers, fly’s and materials to make this one of the best fly distribution brands out there in todays market.

Jake says “what separates MFC from the competition is the quality and ability to do and think differently” and the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast could not agree more with this statement.

 However, like ever great brand there is always roadblocks and mistakes made along the way. Jake shares with us a few mistakes that this brand has made or is trying correct through new products. And how R&D is working to improve this.

Jake lets us know that there are more upcoming products to be expected from the brand, in the upcoming months. Also, we talk quickly about fly trends and what the this means for his business going forward and keeping up with the times.

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