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GDF EP 07 Capt Tim O’Rourke

Tim talks about what guest can expect while on a guided fishing trip with him and his crew. He mentions to us of all the great places that he guides from. Captain Tim tells us the about the albacore and striped bass season. He is also a certified sage elite pro staff and Tim shares with us what guests can expect in regards to using the newest sage gear setup while on a trip with him. He also shares with us the best and worst part of guiding.

10 Fly fishing Blogs You Need to Start Reading Now.

Ok so winter Fly fishing is slow for many, and only the brave are facing the elements of mother nature. For the herds of fly fishers sitting around awaiting the spring fishing season to resume in full swing, I have some great news for you all so put away the Instagram, put down the bobbin and listen up. 

We at the fly-Fishing Insider have complied a list of the 10 best blogs to not only cure your winter blues but keep you up to date on all your fly-fishing needs year-round. 

1. Moldy Chum.

Posts per week: 20 approximately. 


Moldy Chum describes themselves as a grass roots Fly fishing brand, featuring articles on travel, conversation, fly fishing experiences and informational content, news related to the fly-fishing industry. If your looking for great content don’t let the name scare you off there is nothing moldy here just fresh vibrant content that once can consume all day, week, month and year long. 

2. The Fiberglass Manifesto.

Posts per week: 3 +

Website: the 

TFM features a great niche market about fiber glass fly rods. They recently evolved into articles and blogs about reels, artists, filmmakers, rods, conservation and trips.  Reading TFM you will be guaranteed to get your fill of fly-fishing content and will in no time become a fiberglass rod aficionado using the hashtag #glassisnotdead.

3. Hatch Magazine.

Posts per week: 2+ 


Ok the guys at hatch magazine cover it all. From gear reviews, trips, conservation, politics, travel and destinations to industry news. So basically, if its fly fishing related its on hatch magazines website somewhere. I am personally a big fan of this both hatches content and style of blogs. 

4. Tail fly Fishing Magazine.

Posts per week: 1+ 


Tail fly fishing mag is the “voice for saltwater fly fishing”. Alright so the team over at tail have such a great layout with in their articles on the site. The pictures are breath taking for all you visual readers out there. But most of all the content is simply top shelf with lots of back issues to keep you informed on fly fishing in the salt all year long, Period. 

5. Gink and Gasoline.

Posts per week. 2+


Gink and gasoline well theses guys have been around for many years now so paying respects is due. Buts that not the only reason to read, follow like and share theses guys. Its their consistency of delivering great content week after week. They cover everything you need related to travel trips and destinations and many cools stories. Oh, yea the theses two always have some of the coolest photo shots in fly fishing. 

6. Fly life Magazine.

Posts 5+


FLM heavily focuses on costal saltwater fishing in Florida, Bahamas and Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Theses guys feature both travel and destination articles, instructional videos and blog articles, how tos and tips also strong local Florida focuses on current industry and conservational events. So if your looking to up your saltwater game than start here first.

7. Post Fly the Wade.

Post per week: 2+


Ok post fly box the wade, I must admit I was confused at first but like all things new I got used to it and more I dug around the site week after week, the more I found the content hits a homer. Theses guys have amazing content from current to dating back to 2014. They cover everything fly fishing including reviews on there own cool products, which is ok with me their products deliver. 

8. Fly Fish Food. 

Post per week: 1+ 


Fly fish food is a full-service website and blog. They are focused towards the fly tyer, and most like 99% of the content is fly tying related. Cool right. Well here you will find feature videos, content on patterns and materials you guess it for fly tying. Ok so guilty ever time I visit this site I get lost in the fly-tying rabbit hole for hours. So, if you have like 3 days to kill click here. 

9. Fly Craft Angling Adventures. 

Post per week: 5 


FCA hits home for me as most of my personal fishing is done on still water. And the guys behind this blog and all its entities are the kings of still water. This blog offers, knowledge of gear, entomients AKA bugs, tips lots of tips, and of course how tos. The content is fresh and exciting. If your trying to level up your Stillwater game than this blog site has it all. And most of all it covers in great detail chromnimid fishing a personal favorite of mine. 

10. The Fly-Fishing Insider.

Posts per week: 1+


Fly fishing Insider Podcast and reviews ok we added ourselves to the list, but that’s because we cover fly fishing industry leaders, brands and news. We feature gear reviews, hot and trending topics all brought to you in a fun and entering approach, cause that’s who we are fun and entering. All kidding aside we cover so much content either on our podcast, you tube channel or blog platforms. So, if looking for the most Fly-fishing content you can cram into your brain than follow us on our many platforms. 

Yes, I am sure that I left out or forgot a few others, but this is our top ten list and well there is only ten spots out of the hundreds of fly-fishing blogs on this planet. I can honestly say this tho if you find a blogger who’s content really resonates with you and you get what you need from it then mission accomplished.  

Best Fly-Fishing Values 2020 Best Freshwater Fly Lines 2020

A top 2020 Pick of Freshwater fly lines.

Five Fly Fishing trends that need to stop now..

Fly Fishing Insider

Ok, we all have something in the fly fishing game that really grinds our gears. Ok come on now think about it, yep there it is. Well we at the Fly Fishing Insider have decided to share Five top trends that does just that Grind our gears and drive us crazy in a funny way. In good fun here is our list.

  1. The old fly rod in the teeth photo: Yes there was a time when we all did this (or not), but come on people this is so mid 2000s and its now done. Did you know that the fly rod technology has improved so much now that studies show we can now submerge our reels and rods to get that perfect grip and grin for Instagram besides four out of five dentists suggest this is not cool or good for your teeth?
  •  Wearing hip waders while river fishing:  yes don’t laugh I have seen it a many of times in our days. Really it’s time to put away the old booted rubber hip waders there hot, they don’t breath, and they don’t belong. Really for the cost of waders that offer much more practicality and function let’s not forget style why would you bring out grandpa old green hip huggers. I often ask myself daily why they still make theses waders. Anyone?
  • Fly fishers on Instagram who are Public figures:  Ok I get so it takes time to build up an IG account and setting your profile to public figure works right (lol). But here’s often the case really you fly fish on weekends and work at the office as tech something Monday to Friday. Why are you a public figure, is it because you IG handle is @fishgodallmighty65 or something like this. Really this does not make you a public figure or does it?
  • Tacky Fishing shirts: You all know the ones I am talking about the crappy slogans I rather be fishing, born to fish forced to work the happy fishermen picture, and unfortunately the list goes on. Why I mean why do people still buy theses or even make them please stop it. Reality checks you like fishing and fishing gear lots of it you need to work. So please put away the old fishing wardrobe wonders and get some new threads there is lots of great fishing brands out there who make fly fishing life style clothing.
  • Wearing a buff always: Ok so were not criminals are we? No were fly fishers and we enjoy the fresh air and wind on our face so we tell others, but why do we cover it up with wearing a buff. Yes I have seen people wearing buffs at the boat launch or even on the river fishing from the bank, some Stillwater anglers who are anchored on a calm blue bird day yet sporting the give me all your money look. Come on guys lets stop this crazy action.

I guess at the end of the day its all about fishing and however you fish is your choice as long as your respecting the fish, land and waters. Its really all good what you do and what you wear. However, we at the Fly-Fishing Insider are all about fishing and fun so please enjoy this blog in good humour, remember to keep em wet.

Best Fly fishing Values 2020 Saltwater Fly rods 2020

Fly fishing Insider

This year we released our best fly-fishing values series for Saltwater rods. Though we have stepped up the game slightly and are only recommending Saltwater rods that we have used or enjoyed. As we are aware that there is 100s of great rods out there this is our top picks for 2020. Based upon, industry, performance, value in total. Enjoy the Fly-fishing best bet values saltwater rods picks for 2020

Best Premium Value:

Photo Scott Fly rods

 Scott Fly rods:  Sector

Price: $ 985

Weights: 7 -15

Lengths: 8’4 -9’0

Action: Fast

Tube: Yes

Warranty: Scott Lifetime

Notes: This rod won Best of show IFTD 2019

The recently launched and well awarded Scott Sector takes this year’s top place. The Sector features a fast, light-weight four piece salt water rod. The finish in the rod is of course Scott’s famous un-sanded finish. But with many new upgrades, such as, a full titanium snake guides and Ceracoil stripping guides. The real seat is aluminum and flor-grade cork. New fighting butts and Scott’s amazing craftsmanship.

Best Mid Value

Photo G Loomis

 G Loomis: NRX Saltwater

Price: $ 895

Weights: 7-12

Lengths: 9’0

Action: Fast

Tube: Yes

Warranty: Yes

G Loomis came out with some serious kickass rods for 2020! We love the NRX Saltwater rod. The new four-piece saltwater rod features a 15% lighter rod than the previous NRX model. With many new technology’s put into this rod some of which are the resins, materials and tapers allowing anglers to make tighter loops while having the rod to recover faster, again due to the new compound tapers. Also included are titanium SIC strip guides, hook keeper, aluminum and walnut reel seat, triple-a cork grip, rod tube, all hand-crafted in the USA.

Best Entry Value

Photo Sage Fly rods

Sage Payload

Price: $ 550

Weights: 7-11

Lengths: 8’9 -9’0

Action: fast

Tube: Yes

Warranty: Sages mail in warranty

Notes: Chucking big fly’s all day look at this rod

That’s right, Sages Payload is paying off big time for Sage in 2020. The four-piece Payload features Sage’s konnetic technology incorporated into a beautiful tannin blank colour which is an extremely fast action rod. The oversize hard chromed snake guides from top tip are new for Sage in this rod build and we like it.  Also included is the heavy-duty aluminum lock reel seat, super plus full wells cork handle and a cork composite fighting butt. Complete with nylon ballistic rod tube.

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