Preparing for a Fly-Fishing Destination Trip

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Sun Tzu Said every battle is won before its fought, and this couldn’t be truer when preparing for a fly-fishing destination trip. Yes, I am talking about that trip of lifetime or just a venture to another state or country the tips I will offer in this blog should help you get that much further ahead.

Back when All Alaska Outdoors invited the fly-fishing insider podcast to be their guests at the lodge, which is located in soldotna Alaska a few hours drive north of Anchorage, for this September. Well, naturally we jumped at the chance to go, why not this is a fly fishers dream trip and time I mean the rainbows are putting on the feed.

But truth be told I felt a little out of my element a bit. I mean, at heart I am Stillwater fly fisher.  And I hit the river for salmon in the fall for about 25 days or less, per year depending of course on what’s going on Stillwater wise. And Podcast commitments, interviews and more.

So, what do you do to get prepared and ready for such a trip? Well I can’t say exactly but here is everything I did and I hope it helps you get ready for your next Fly-fishing destination fishing trip.

Google, Google & Google.  That’s right I looked up everything possible that I could with in the areas that I was going to be fishing, example Russian River, Bay of Pigs and the upper Kenai River drift. I looked the water depths, temperatures the runs, the fish species and everything in-between.

Then I googled All Alaska Outdoors lodge and took it further and looked at it in google maps and the other review sites everything I could social media and more. This was a great tool to help me answer those little questions I had, but to me it was not enough. So next step.

Local Tiers That’s right I wanted to know what theses fish were hitting on exactly when I was going to be there. So again, through social media I reached out to the local tier John Farmer from Midnight custom flies and well got the real deal. He and I had many back and forth conversations till it got to the point that I might as well just order what they are hitting so I did.  Few dollars later and now I feel set and ready with the fly’s scene. Form there I wanted to know about set up and gear and to see if my gear would work and to place correct orders with the sponsors for the trip. So, I reached out to.

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Guides and Shops. Yes, the life blood of the rivers, theses are the guys who what to put you on fish. Or at least the good ones do. I had zero issues connecting with and getting great information from both the shops and guides. They were super responsive and knowable. Between us we discussed the local gear scene and more. I felt theses guys helped in so many ways and offered a countless amount of knowledge.

Ok so let’s recap you have done the research portion, reached out to guides, tiers and shops now what? Well ask yourself when the last time you sight casted or did a double haul or even used a two-handed rod? Was it so long ago that you forgot how to do theses with out feeling super confident perhaps?

Practice makes perfect.  Yes, get your butt out there on the water or in the field doing some dry land casting. Why would you want to waste a few days on trip doing this there? Hey if weather rolls in and you missed a few good days because you were practising then, but now your ready WOW, you will be sorry my friend.  So, make sure you book in some practice time.

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Packing Prep, have you ever seen the photos on social media with the all the gear laid out nice and organized? Well of course you have, and you need to do this as well. Laying out your gear and packing it unpacking it getting it ready for the tip is extremely important. This is your chance to go over everything you have or don’t have. I suggest doing this at least a few days prior to the trip as time moves fast.

The Gear, testing your gear and deciding what gear to bring only makes sense to do ahead of time. No point in doing this on the trip. Truthfully you will defiantly need to redo your fly box and bring the correct flies to the water. Same will go for your reels and line, might need to strip off the old and put on the new for the right conditions. I did this when Scientific Anglers sent me all new lines and backings. Last I went through what rods I would need and checked them for stress cracks or other wear and tear those didn’t make the cut didn’t come. Finely I pulled out what I needed to ensure I captured the right photos and podcasting needs for this trip to be well documented.  As for the last thing I did for the trip, was the set myself up for success with.

The small Details.  Yes, this is super critical to any travel trip, Get your passports and hotels, flights and more all in check right. Make sure you have packed the proper clothing and perhaps in layers like I did. As well any gifts you bring for the host and of course the local currency in dollars for tips for the guides.

Conclusion, though you may stiff feel like your forgetting something or over packed or under packed either way I fell at least it won’t be the main stuff I mean how crappy would it be to forget your passport or waders. I also feel that regardless of what I forget that All Alaska Outdoors will have what I need to make sure my trip is extremely comfortable and successful for any season.

Please to see more on All Alaska Outdoors check out their WEBSITE and see the great trips they offer.

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