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Two Unique Ways to Partner With Us

We offer two unique ways to partner with the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast! 

Firstly, we are passionate about promoting Small Businesses! As a result, we offer advertising opportunities on our website. Read more about this opportunity below!

Secondly, we operate a Trip Program where we partner with Lodges that are interested in Sponsoring fly-fishing trips and being featured on the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast. To demonstrate, read more below! 

We offer a great brand growth opportunity for businesses in particular that are wanting to expand their customer base. As a result, we have a number of successful ad placement locations across our website that we rent out to unique businesses looking for this opportunity.


    • Logo placements
    • Brand features on social media or in newsletter
    • Guaranteed brand exposure
    • Chance to be featured on our Fly Fishing Insider Podcast

Contact us below if this is an opportunity you would be interested in pursuing!

Coming Soon

Thank you for your patience!

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Are You Interested In Partnering With Us?

Ultimately, if this sounds like something that you could definitely benefit from, or you simply want to know more about the programs, send us a note! Please make sure to include your name in addition to your email so that we can get back to you. 

I created The Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast because I knew I always wanted to be in the Fly-Fishing Industry, but in what capacity I was unsure. Naturally, It became clear that I was more fascinated with the icons with in the industry and more focused on what other brands and people were doing to revolutionize this crazy sport I love so much. That’s when I knew I had to build a platform for these amazing stories to be shared, so others can be influenced or inspired to follow their dreams with in this industry, or simply be amazed as I am.
Greg fishing
Greg Keenan
Founder of the Fly Fishing Insider podcast

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