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EP 02 North kill Tackle

In this episode we learn the craft of custom building landing nets and the passion Chris Ritter has to create theses nets.

EP 01 Tacky Fly Fishing

We speak with tacky about the technology and innovation that is behind every fly box made.

GDF 01 Ashley Nichole Lewis Badash Outdoors

In this GDF we learn that ashley is working hard to continue her actions towards education and conservation of protecting resources with in her State. She also shares what’s next for badash outdoors.

10 Spring Steelhead Myths & tips to help you land more.

Well the birds are chirping the buds are budding and your cleaning off the old 8wt fly rod or double handed. Most of us put away the rods in late fall and took to the vice and social media to get our fishing fixes in.

And now the time has come as its early march and for many anglers it’s the start up of spring steelhead season. Are you ready this year? Unlike years past here is some tips and myths from the Fly-Fishing Insider, we feel are going to up your spring steelie game.

Myth 1: These fish only live in the deep pools of the river: well they do like the deep pools but also like the structure and the food sources close to shore, this is often over looked when fishing for theses fish. Next time try working the shorelines as well.

Myth 2:  Spring Steelhead only love Pink: yes, they like pink in addition to other bright colours and dark colours as well. Its not just about colours but also about better fly choices. Remember what didn’t work earlier in the day might work later in the day so to ensure better success try many colours and patterns next time out.

Myth 3:  Bites are soft and takes are subtle: well this can be true of winter steelies and could possibly be true with spring steelheads, however often the takes are hard and fast in our personal experiences. These fish seem to pep up and I am sure its due to the amount food in the system and water temperatures being warmer than that of winter.

Myth 4: Roe works best for spring steelhead: well this is a myth from float fishermen, as roe does give off a great luring sent so can a well-presented fly with sent on it. Often steelhead strikes are on aggression and many fly patterns do present a threat to steelhead, as the roe is less likely to be a threat. So, prep your files with sent if your inclined to do so.

Myth 5: You only catch spring steel on the swing: Ok this is a huge myth, yes steelheads are caught on the swing, but they are also caught when the fly hits the water or even after the swing. One of my favorite tricks, is to finish the swing and then when the fly gets close to the shore line its fast strips in with a pause or two.  

Myth 6.  Big flies’ big fish: we have all heard this myth: and if you look at the spring steelhead patterns of files you will see that there are many flies that are of “normal” size. Look at the stone files or egg patterns for steelhead theses are of a smaller range which can be the difference between a deadly day on the water or a skunked day.

Myth 7.  To catch steelhead, use the Cast Step Cast method to work down the river: yes, I agree that steelhead move or that if you work a pool or run its time to move on. But I also believe that if you think the run is prime holding water its best to switch fly patterns and go back and rework the run its one of my favorite tips I have learned. And has paid off big time for me.

Myth 8.  Steelhead are leader shy and long light tips are best: myth busted steelhead need short leaders in the 8- 15lb range at a length of 3.5 -5 ft. This works best FF insider crew and many other steelhead guides have found. Remember to have at least a type 6-8 sink tip. Recommended in 10 -15ft in length. This is critical for steel heading success in our experience.

Myth 9.  To land a steelhead from the river its best to beach them, this is a silly myth it does not help the fish at all to flop around out of water on the river rocks while you try and catch it. A well netted fish kept in the water is better for the fish’s recovery and survival. Also, great fish handling practice to get into.

Myth 10. To hold your steelie up for the camera and get that perfect shot, again another myth and poor fish handling practice. Its best to minimize your interaction with fish once landed. Have someone ready with the camera and keep your fish in the water to the picture for social media memories. Always keep em wet.

Practice theses 10 tips next time out on the water and you will increase your chances at catching a spring steelhead also known as the fish of 1000 casts. Enjoy and keep em wet.

Episode: 00 – Welcome

In this Episode we learn all about the expectations of the podcast and about the host Greg Keenan. Why Greg created the show, the goals of the show and much more regarding the show and audience.

10 Fly fishing Blogs You Need to Start Reading Now.

Ok so winter Fly fishing is slow for many, and only the brave are facing the elements of mother nature. For the herds of fly fishers sitting around awaiting the spring fishing season to resume in full swing, I have some great news for you all so put away the Instagram, put down the bobbin and listen up. 

We at the fly-Fishing Insider have complied a list of the 10 best blogs to not only cure your winter blues but keep you up to date on all your fly-fishing needs year-round. 

1. Moldy Chum.

Posts per week: 20 approximately. 


Moldy Chum describes themselves as a grass roots Fly fishing brand, featuring articles on travel, conversation, fly fishing experiences and informational content, news related to the fly-fishing industry. If your looking for great content don’t let the name scare you off there is nothing moldy here just fresh vibrant content that once can consume all day, week, month and year long. 

2. The Fiberglass Manifesto.

Posts per week: 3 +

Website: the 

TFM features a great niche market about fiber glass fly rods. They recently evolved into articles and blogs about reels, artists, filmmakers, rods, conservation and trips.  Reading TFM you will be guaranteed to get your fill of fly-fishing content and will in no time become a fiberglass rod aficionado using the hashtag #glassisnotdead.

3. Hatch Magazine.

Posts per week: 2+ 


Ok the guys at hatch magazine cover it all. From gear reviews, trips, conservation, politics, travel and destinations to industry news. So basically, if its fly fishing related its on hatch magazines website somewhere. I am personally a big fan of this both hatches content and style of blogs. 

4. Tail fly Fishing Magazine.

Posts per week: 1+ 


Tail fly fishing mag is the “voice for saltwater fly fishing”. Alright so the team over at tail have such a great layout with in their articles on the site. The pictures are breath taking for all you visual readers out there. But most of all the content is simply top shelf with lots of back issues to keep you informed on fly fishing in the salt all year long, Period. 

5. Gink and Gasoline.

Posts per week. 2+


Gink and gasoline well theses guys have been around for many years now so paying respects is due. Buts that not the only reason to read, follow like and share theses guys. Its their consistency of delivering great content week after week. They cover everything you need related to travel trips and destinations and many cools stories. Oh, yea the theses two always have some of the coolest photo shots in fly fishing. 

6. Fly life Magazine.

Posts 5+


FLM heavily focuses on costal saltwater fishing in Florida, Bahamas and Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Theses guys feature both travel and destination articles, instructional videos and blog articles, how tos and tips also strong local Florida focuses on current industry and conservational events. So if your looking to up your saltwater game than start here first.

7. Post Fly the Wade.

Post per week: 2+


Ok post fly box the wade, I must admit I was confused at first but like all things new I got used to it and more I dug around the site week after week, the more I found the content hits a homer. Theses guys have amazing content from current to dating back to 2014. They cover everything fly fishing including reviews on there own cool products, which is ok with me their products deliver. 

8. Fly Fish Food. 

Post per week: 1+ 


Fly fish food is a full-service website and blog. They are focused towards the fly tyer, and most like 99% of the content is fly tying related. Cool right. Well here you will find feature videos, content on patterns and materials you guess it for fly tying. Ok so guilty ever time I visit this site I get lost in the fly-tying rabbit hole for hours. So, if you have like 3 days to kill click here. 

9. Fly Craft Angling Adventures. 

Post per week: 5 


FCA hits home for me as most of my personal fishing is done on still water. And the guys behind this blog and all its entities are the kings of still water. This blog offers, knowledge of gear, entomients AKA bugs, tips lots of tips, and of course how tos. The content is fresh and exciting. If your trying to level up your Stillwater game than this blog site has it all. And most of all it covers in great detail chromnimid fishing a personal favorite of mine. 

10. The Fly-Fishing Insider.

Posts per week: 1+


Fly fishing Insider Podcast and reviews ok we added ourselves to the list, but that’s because we cover fly fishing industry leaders, brands and news. We feature gear reviews, hot and trending topics all brought to you in a fun and entering approach, cause that’s who we are fun and entering. All kidding aside we cover so much content either on our podcast, you tube channel or blog platforms. So, if looking for the most Fly-fishing content you can cram into your brain than follow us on our many platforms. 

Yes, I am sure that I left out or forgot a few others, but this is our top ten list and well there is only ten spots out of the hundreds of fly-fishing blogs on this planet. I can honestly say this tho if you find a blogger who’s content really resonates with you and you get what you need from it then mission accomplished.  

Top 12 Christmas Presents for the Fly Fisher in your Life.

Alright so, the other day my loving wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, and naturally I said whatever maybe socks and underwear from Costco. She said sure but, she really wanted to get me something special as this was a big year for me, with the launch of the Fly-fishing Insider Podcast and our brand and many other personal life accomplishments.

Normally, I am the type of guy that when I want something I just go and order it straight from the dealer or company through programs that we are enlisted in. Either way she wanted a surprise gift for me, so I sat down put pen to paper and came up with what I call 12 top Christmas Presents to get the Fly Fisher in your life. Theses are no limits presents.

Fly Fishing Insiders list is as follows in Random order:

1. Moby Nets, The Whale Landing Net:

A great Canadian handmade landing net Company Moby Nets, The Whale Net offers product features of steam bent hardwoods and beautiful inlays adding both durability and style for when you land that big one. Options of mesh or rubber basket available and of course it floats. Making this the most badass handmade net on the planet. And my personal challenge to you. Try to wrap this gift up this holiday season without guessing what it is.

Price $189.00

2. Fishpond, Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar Pack:

A fully submersible waterproof pack, that offers superior comfort for long days on the water. Some features are the TIZIP waterproof zipper, ultra tough 1680d TPU coated recycled cycle pond nylon. Huge gear pockets for storage. Super stylish looks, integrated net slot and not to mention Fishponds, Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar pack will get the fish looking twice at you on the water as this is one stylish pack. And we think it might be capable of holding milk and cookies as well.

Price $ 229.95

3. Costa, Baffin Sunglasses:

Costa Baffin Sunglasses frames made from 100% recycled fishing nets, yes that’s right recycled fishing nets. In keeping with Costas cool style, the frames are also designed to be fully recyclable. Various colour options in both frames and glass. And of course, theses beauties are a fully Polarized glass lens (580).  Boasting Comfort and style. The Untangled Collection and Costa with its purpose are sure to make it on the nice list this year.

Price $ 199.00

4. Yeti, Tundra Cooler 45:

The Yeti, Tundra 45 cooler is a superior premium cooler. The cooler combines versatility and durability, featuring rotomolded construction and design, that includes up to two inches of permafrost insolation which means it will keep those lazy day bevies cold in triple degree temps. Making you look like a fly-fishing boss. And you just might be the life of the Christmas party this season

Price $ 399.99

5. Simms, Challenger Insulated BIB:

Simms, Challenger Bib features 100% waterproof performance, full body and bib insulation with adjustable suspenders and hem. Reinforced knees pads and front zipper storm flap. Nothings getting through theses babies.  With several sizes to choose from, making them a sure fire bet you’ll be seeing theses bad boys on my boat during salmon season in the PNW and BC west coast while hunting down some chrome. Even the big fat guy with a red suit is thinking about upgrading up this year.

Price $ 199.95

6. Sage, Igniter 1090-4 fly rod: 

Sage introduced the Igniter fly rod late this year, with a well received debut as a big game rod known for throwing big flies in less than ideal conditions (Usually head on in the wind).  This rod has become a staple for many a fly fishers’ arsenal of rods. And with good reason this ultra fast action rod features, the famous Konnetic HD technology, hard chrome snake guides, fuji ceramic stripper guides, aluminum locking reel seat with hook keeper integration, super sexy chipotle and gunmetal colour all wrapped up in a black rod bag fitting into a black aluminum rod tub. Just missing a big a red bow and I am sold. 

Price $900.00

7. Scientific Anglers, Amplitude MPX Fly lines:

Scientific Anglers has developed the Amplitude MPX Fly Line. A fly line a half size heavier and a fully redesigned front head with more mass and power yet somehow gentle enough to drop a dry fly right into a rising trout’s mouth. They put a huge emphasis on presentation, but they also didn’t stop just there. The line offers the ultimate in flotation, amazing long casts are easily achieved with superior shooting ability and line slickness. The line not only delivers in dry flies, but streamers and nymphs are well received with this line. With many different water and condition models, weights to select from its hard to decide which reels get spooled up first. Humm thinking a few lines for Christmas might be best.  Price $129.95 

8. HH Outfitters STLHD Hoodie, Retro Fall Steelhead:

H&H Outfitters have done it again and created some awesome new gear. Preictally the STHLHD series of clothing. I am sure most of you are aware of this brand (if you’re not aware get out from under the rock). So, the brothers at H&H Outfitters designed the Retro Fall Steelhead Hoodie in black with a retro looking blue and white logo. If you already own some clothing from this brand you know that the quality speaks for its self. They offer many hoodie styles and in sizes Small to 3XL. If still looking for more from these boys phone the customer service department, they have by far the best Customer Service in the industry, (true story). I am I am willing to bet they will even wish you a Merry Christmas to you if ask.

Price $45.00

9. Hatch Fly Fishing, 7plus GEN 2 Finatic:

Hatch Fly Reels,7 plus Gen 2 Finatic the envy of all reels in my opinion. With a decent amount of stopping power in the drag system which is fully sealed and waterproof making this drag a new industry standard. But let’s not over look, the retrieval rate of line at 9.22 inches per/turn. A spool that can handle big backings and fly lines, totally turning this into a sexy looking reel. They offer may different colour options and reel pouch is provided, I guess great things do come in small packages.

Price $650

10. Plan D fly Box, Pack Max Articulated Plus:

Relatively new to the fly-fishing scene Plan D holds their ground. With 5 different fly box options and other Gear tackle Box options in their product line up. Its no surprise that Plan D is quickly becoming both a fresh and saltwater Fly Fishers favorite choice to load their copious amounts of cash I mean fly’s into. But let’s observe the quality of the Pack Max Articulated Plus fly box product as well, with features such as a large storage capacity capable of holding up to 40 flies in the steel hook and slotted foam design. A clear window to view your fly’s in while making a choice. The unit will fit comfortably into a boat bag or waders’ front pocket or under a Christmas tree maybe even a stocking.

Price $ 59.99

11. Riversmith, River Quiver 4 Banger:

Now somebody’s thinking and it’s the guys over at Riversmith, they have solved a long over due fly-fishing problem with their new River Quiver. The River Quiver is a roof top premium fly rod holder system that’s light weight and lockable. They offer two different model choices either the 2 banger or 4 bangers. Either way both models will hold most rods and reels well up to 10’. And theses bad boys will fit most standard roof racks this includes your grandmas 87 dodge caravan (we think). The quivers are crafted of strong aluminum making them light weight and extremely durable. Locking features and easy entry and custom liners to protect your rods. I bet Santa’s sleigh has theses attached to it now.          Price $549.99

12. Rock Treads, Rock Tread Aluminum Wading Shoe Kits:

Ok let’s talk safety and that’s exactly what the team at Rock Treads gave us with the addition of their Aluminum Traction Kit for wading boots. Its so simple to install on any boot or shoe you want to convert into a non-slip wading traction machine.  The aluminum discs that attach to your boot will make you the envy of others as you saunter out to the waters never waded before.  Theses are also adaptable for walking on icy roof tops as well.

Price $59.99

So, there you have it Fly Fishing Insiders list of 12 items to get the fly fisher in your life for Christmas this year. We will keep everyone up to date to let you all know, what items we received off the list. Happy holidays to everyone from the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast and Reviews.

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