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EP 53 Jako Lucas, fish porn, mic drop, out such a glorious bastard of a fly fisher

In this episode the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast, Greg speaks with Jako Lucas, the brains behind the captain jack productions brand based out of Texas USA.
Greg & Jako talk about how when Jako was growing up in South Africa he was hooked as a young boy due his family’s influence in fishing with his dad. Jako also talks about his days of working in shops during school and then transitioning into becoming a full-time guide. Jako talks a lot about his earlier guiding career and how he was taught to learn moon phases, tides and wind direction which he says plays an important part of guiding properly. To learn more about this great episode and our guest please subscribe to the show or download us on your favorite podcast listing platform.

EP 52 Angie Scott Co Hosted Jen Ripple & Women fishers on Instagram just own it,

Greg & Jen talk to Angie about her childhood growing up in northern Minnesota and the family’s vacation fishing trips as theses were Angies great memories. This is what pushed Angie future into the sport of fishing and making her fall in love with fishing ultimately pushing her further into the sport by starting a podcast.
Later When Greg asks Angie about why women in conventional fishing are wearing clothes that are less than ideal for fly Fishing and how the industry in conventional fishing changes the landscape for women. As well we get on the topics of women on Instagram and why some girls wear little yet want to be taken seriously and others who are serious just don’t get the respect. The conversation heats up as we all give our views.
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Guided EP #2 Alice Owsley

Greg talks to Alice about how she started her journey into Fly fishing while on a trip to the Oregon area. Once there it begins her love of the sport had begun. Alice was hooked and stated to work in fly shops which progressed to walk and wades and eventuality going to a guide school. It was there where she had met Lorrie Anne Murphy and Patty Riley to which they encouraged Alice to guide in Alaska for a few seasons.

Greg asks Alice about the challenges and obstacle’s her home guiding waters and the sate is facing in which Alice shares with listeners some big conservation concerns with in the state of Montana that effect the fish , but she also offers us tips in what we can do a in small part to make a big impact. Greg can clearly see that Alice is extremely passionate for the fish and protecting her guiding waters for years to come.

EP 51 Kayla Lockhart, Open and honest life, fly fishing & more.

Greg talks to Kayla about her emotional childhood pat and growing up in foster care family’s. Until the early age of 15 when she decided to emancipate herself from her foster family and start life growing up on her own. Kayla opens up fully about her family history with substance abuse and how her family was not present in her or her sister’s lives. This is an emotional podcast episode when Kayla tells us like it was for her and how her journey shaped her to who she is now.
When Greg asks Kayla about her passion and love of the Mayfly Project, she tells us about how the team at project mayfly is allowing her to create her own chapter with in Portland and the PNW to be a mentor to many in need. Kayla is a huge advocate in this organization and what they are doing.


Maui Jim Sunglasses Review

When it comes to fly fishing and the gear that’s required to catch and land that personal best fish. Usually front and center Is the rod, reel, lines and clothing. But a crucial and overlooked item is usually the eyewear, more so polarized sunglasses.

I fully admit that when I was starting out the sport of fly fishing that I was fully guilty of overlooking this much needed piece of equipment. I was also guilty of being the owner of numerus crappy pairs of sunglasses for fly fishing.

This serves as a reminder that not all sunglasses are created equal and I feel that I have had more than my share of crappy and useless sunglasses. That was until I received my first pair of Maui Jim’s.


Ok there is something about the Maui Jim’s that just stood out from all the other pairs I have ever owned before. I and I want to share my Maui Jim sunglasses review with you.

Model: Byron Bay

Frame Colour: Matte Tortoise

Lens: HCL Bronze.


Eyewear Protection:

UV protection one of the best features and in my opinion that all Maui Jim’s offer on all their models is UV Protection. Its known that Maui Jim Lenses block 100% of the UV rays coming your way. Really its great to know that this brand dedicated to protecting my eyes and reducing any long-term health risks that may occur from UV. Just for that alone if I was a guide on the water all day you bet; I would jump on theses glasses.

Let’s Talk Blue light or high energy visible radiation (HEV) this is less severe that UV but still a health risk to keep in mind when shopping for your new pair of sunny’s. But don’t fret all of the Maui Jim lenses featuring the Polarized Plus2 lens will remover this concern completely. Yet they still manage to keep the colour blue around you in which other brands well they are still trying to figure that out.

Other Protection this eyewear offers in which you might know are the dark adaptation features, eyewear comfort and glare reduction and general eye protection for casting those big bugs in a head on wind storm.


The Lens:

One of the main Reasons I choose this model for fly fishing was because of the lens featuring the super thin glass, and the fact that theses lens provides the absolute most crisp optics available period! They feature 20 -32 % thinner and lighter also scratch and solvent resistant lens. I personally really enjoy the clarity when fishing and seeing those cruising fish or the fish holding in the river that was missed before.


The Frame:

The frame material on any sunglasses is super important and of course all of the Maui Jim’s don’t disappoint either. The frames I tested were constructed of a lightweight injected Nylon material frame that was finished in a Matte Tortoise colour. I found both the frame and hinge to be extremely comfortable and durable while wearing and testing this product both on and off the water. Two features that I really look for in fly fishing sunglasses.  I also should mention that the fit to my face with this model was suburb.

The shape of the rectangle frames complimented my facial features and again felt comfortable, along with the eye wares bridge which was saddle style and features embedded nose pads for extra comfort and slip reduction.


Other Features:

It’s worth mentioning how the sunglasses come with two carrying options one is a silk bag and the other is a nylon zippered case both protect your sunglasses. Let’s talk about the Maui Jim Warranty and how this warranty is considered to be on of the best warranties with in the eyewear biz.


Final Word:

I have found that after using the product for over a month both on the water and off the water it’s a safe bet to say we will not be going back to another eyewear any time soon. I would give this product a 9/10 rating and review.

Maui Jim .com

EP 50 Geoff Klane, All in on this fly-fishing thing.

Greg talks to Geoff about how he started his journey into Fly fishing with his LL Bean rod and Reel combo. In which, Geoff tells us like most anglers starting out the black woolly bugger was his go to fly before he started to conquer the fly-fishing game. Greg asks Geoff what the earlier day challenges were in which Geoff describes just figuring it out. Fast forward to today and Geoff is all in on this fly-fishing thing as he states its freedom in fly fishing.
When Greg asks Geoff what’s it like to represent as guide the many great rivers and waterways in his home state Geoff informs us how amazing this fishery is and what anglers can expect while upon his guiding services. Geoff and Greg get into carp fishing on the fly and how the sport of catching carp on the fly is on the rise in the USA. Geoff and Greg talk many things carp and Greg learns a thing or two about this fishery. To sum up the conversation Geoff puts it “you like seeing your backing don’t you”

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Guided EP 1 Conway Bowman getting high on Mako sharks.

In this episode the Guided Podcast, Greg speaks with Conway Bowman the owner of Conway Bowman guiding, based in San Diego California, USA.

Greg talks to Conway about how he started his journey into Fly fishing at such a young age growing up in San Diego. Conway also talks about how he traveled with family and fly fished the country at early ages. Conway tells us he also got his passion and start into big game saltwater fly fishing with a strong love of fly fishing for Mako sharks.

Greg asks Conway about what is required to start successfully in this fishery and the technological aspects of catching theses fish. To our surprise Conway shares that its about poppers and the makos are taking the flies from the surface. He also touches on his own system for creating fly lines to catch theses sharks.

When Greg asks Conway what’s it like to represent many great company’s as an ambassador such as Scientific Anglers and to which Conway reply he just loves being apart of this team he states and how feedback in product development has been outstanding. Lastly Conway talks with us about the steps that a new fisher should take prior to entering into this fishery and how you can benefit but taking theses steps too.

Best 10 Fly fishing destinations for 2020.

a where to guide to go for top destinations for fly fishing in 2020. Is this the year for you to make it a dream come true. read the blog to see more.

EP 49 Paula Shearer, A lifetime on the fly.

In this episode the Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast, Greg speaks with Paula Shearer the owner of Paula Shearer on the fly guiding, based in Calgary, Canada.

Greg talks to Paula about how she started her journey into Fly fishing at such a young age growing up in BC Canada. Paula also talks about how she travels with a fly rod always while she was training to represent Canada in the Olympics for skeleton racing. Paula jokes how she is a competitive person and an athlete, even when she’s on the water its game on for Paula as a guide with her clients to make sure she’s putting them on fish.
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lidrig review

Upon first glance I was immediately drawn to the design of the unit. (Truthfully it was so simple and a why didn’t I think of that kind of thing). However the lidrig had its inscription on the unit and was a solid silver colour with what appeared to be a smooth finish.

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