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GDF Show Notes 

In this episode of GDF, the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast speaks with Nick Delvecchio owner of Wildwood Outfitters in PA.

Nick talks about what guest can expect on a guided trip with him and his crew. He mentions us of all the great thinks places that he guides from and what he likes and dislikes about guiding. Nick talks alot about the species of fish and fishery located in his home waters. 

Nick and wildwood outfitters is extremely proud of the services that the company provides its guests with the door to door pick and drop off guided trips. 

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Other Notes:

Deals: Nick has offered a great deal and discount for listeners to hear the code please listen to the end of the podcast.

Reach Wildwood Outfitters at:wildwoodoutfitterspa.com

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Website: flyfishinginsiderpodcast.com

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