Five Spooky places to Fish.

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Catalina Island at night, PC Catalinaislandghosttours

1. Catalina Island California USA, the island is home to some great fishing spots but before you go think twice as the island was once home to an old civil war barracks which is known as the banning house INN and the property is haunted by the lady in white.

Photo Bermuda triangle wreck

2. Bermuda triangle, Bermuda, most of us know the many tall tales that haunt theses waters. And the countless fishing boats that go out and never to return again.  The Bermuda triangle is said to be a nautical haunting place, but it is also home to great fishing. So were told from those who have entered to fish and returned so enter if you dare.

Phot execution Island, PC lighthousefriends.com

3. Execution Rocks, New York USA, this colonial era island was home to torturing prisoners. The legend goes that at low tide the prisoners would be chained to the rocks that surround the island as the tides came in, they would meet their fate. If is also said that the fisherman who fish in the waters around the island can hear the screams of the dying men who were chained to the rocks.

Turk Lagoon PC dive adventures

4. Turk Lagoon, Micronesia this is home to some of the worlds best and most Erie diving for wold war 2 wrecks. The Lagoon is littered with ships, tanks, trucks and more see the bomb shells, ammunition and oh the over 400 solders who perished in the waters below.

Lake Okanagan , Kelowna BC ogopogo sighting? Pc Kelowna Tourism

5. Lake Okanagan, Kelowna BC Canada, Yes, this lake is extremely spooky to fish in those early mornings of the cold winter months. It said that the lake holds an Ogopogo or extremally large serpent like lake monster. The lake reaches depths well past 500 feet and there are rumours that there is even parts or trenches with in the lake that unknown depths. As for fishing it hold Record weight Rainbows that extremally difficult to catch and its best in the late winter months.

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Well there is our list of the top Five spooky place to fish for 2019, we will see what makes the list for 2020.

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