Five Fly Fishing trends that need to stop now..

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Ok, we all have something in the fly fishing game that really grinds our gears. Ok come on now think about it, yep there it is. Well we at the Fly Fishing Insider have decided to share Five top trends that does just that Grind our gears and drive us crazy in a funny way. In good fun here is our list.

  1. The old fly rod in the teeth photo: Yes there was a time when we all did this (or not), but come on people this is so mid 2000s and its now done. Did you know that the fly rod technology has improved so much now that studies show we can now submerge our reels and rods to get that perfect grip and grin for Instagram besides four out of five dentists suggest this is not cool or good for your teeth?
  •  Wearing hip waders while river fishing:  yes don’t laugh I have seen it a many of times in our days. Really it’s time to put away the old booted rubber hip waders there hot, they don’t breath, and they don’t belong. Really for the cost of waders that offer much more practicality and function let’s not forget style why would you bring out grandpa old green hip huggers. I often ask myself daily why they still make theses waders. Anyone?
  • Fly fishers on Instagram who are Public figures:  Ok I get so it takes time to build up an IG account and setting your profile to public figure works right (lol). But here’s often the case really you fly fish on weekends and work at the office as tech something Monday to Friday. Why are you a public figure, is it because you IG handle is @fishgodallmighty65 or something like this. Really this does not make you a public figure or does it?
  • Tacky Fishing shirts: You all know the ones I am talking about the crappy slogans I rather be fishing, born to fish forced to work the happy fishermen picture, and unfortunately the list goes on. Why I mean why do people still buy theses or even make them please stop it. Reality checks you like fishing and fishing gear lots of it you need to work. So please put away the old fishing wardrobe wonders and get some new threads there is lots of great fishing brands out there who make fly fishing life style clothing.
  • Wearing a buff always: Ok so were not criminals are we? No were fly fishers and we enjoy the fresh air and wind on our face so we tell others, but why do we cover it up with wearing a buff. Yes I have seen people wearing buffs at the boat launch or even on the river fishing from the bank, some Stillwater anglers who are anchored on a calm blue bird day yet sporting the give me all your money look. Come on guys lets stop this crazy action.

I guess at the end of the day its all about fishing and however you fish is your choice as long as your respecting the fish, land and waters. Its really all good what you do and what you wear. However, we at the Fly-Fishing Insider are all about fishing and fun so please enjoy this blog in good humour, remember to keep em wet.

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